We work hard to get you the most bang for your buck!

When you attend SAIT, you automatically become a member of the students’ association. Every member pays an annual fee. This money is pooled together and invested into programs and services students ask for, like academic appeal assistance, on-campus microwaves, student clubs, and advocacy (i.e. Making sure your tuition doesn’t keep going up.)

If you have questions or concerns about the student fee, or how we manage your money please contact our President.

What are the student fees?

Full-Time Students (annually)

– SAITSA Fee $167.77

– Building Fee $120.00

– Health and Dental Fee $235 (Optional – To opt out you must be able to show that you have current and comparable health and/or dental coverage under another insurance plan. READ MORE)

Apprentice Students (annually) Apprentice fees are provided per week as the length of apprentice programs varies

– SAITSA Fee $5.29/Week

– Building Fee $3.75/Week

– Health and Dental Fee $0

We understand that you expect a lot, and that is why we carefully manage your student fees, making sure we are continually offering programs and services that meet your needs. If you want a program or service we aren’t currently offering, please let us know on our feedback page.

2017-18 SAITSA Budget & Fee

Who makes sure we are accountable?

We undergo an audit each fall by independent chartered accountants. The audited financial statements are made public later in the year once the audit has been completed and the Board of Directors has had the opportunity to review and approve the draft statements. SAITSA’s annual fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.

2017 SAIT Student’s Association Financial Statements