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Q: How do I find out more about SAIT Off-Campus Housing?

A: Please visit: SAIT Off-Campus Housing


Q: How do I apply for a job on-campus?

A: For jobs with SAITSA (i.e., The Gateway, The Odyssey Coffeehouse, The Station Market, The Station Express, SAITSA Seconds, The SAITSA Resource Centre, or The SAITSA Main Office), please fill an Employment Application Form and submit it with a copy of your resume. For all other jobs on-campus, please apply directly at the locations you’re interested in working at.


Q: How do I opt-out of the Student Health and Dental Plan?

A: Please visit the Health and Dental Plan office in the Senator Burns Building (room NN117), or call (403) 284-8610.


Q: What does the Executive Council (EC) and Board of Directors (BOD) actually do?

A: They are your student voice on campus. As the elected student officials, they oversee SAITSA’s operations and affairs. Please visit the ELECTIONS PAGE for more information.


Q: How do I reserve a locker?

A: Head over to www.saitsalockers.com to sign up for a locker any time, 24/7. You will need your SAIT student ID number and a valid email address to register.


Q: How do I run for Executive (EC) or Board of Directors (BOD)?

A: Check out our ELECTIONS PAGE for all the information you’ll need to get started on the campaign trail.


Q: How can I get my SAIT ID and/or U-Pass?

A: During the majority of the year, these items are available at Student Services, on the second floor of the Heritage Hall Building. However, during peak periods, like the beginning of the Fall and Winter Semesters, they can be picked up in the Symposium Room in the Campus Centre Building. For updated information, please check SAIT’s website, or call (403) 284-7248.


Q: How do I get a yearbook?

A: Yearbooks for the previous academic year should be available around the beginning of the Fall Semester. Drop by campus to pick one up (if you’d like to check whether they’re here first, please call!). If you’re out of town and would like to have one sent to you, give us a shout at (403) 284-8036 and provide us with your name, address and a $10.00 shipping fee (Visa, Mastercard, or mail us a cheque). You can also send an email to saitsa.info@edu.sait.ca. We’d be happy to drop one in the mail for you.


Q: How can I send a fax on-campus?

A: It’s easy! Drop by the SAITSA Resource Centre in MC107. They’d be happy to tend to all of your faxing needs. A Local fax will set you back $0.50/page; Long Distance is $1.00/page; and International is $1.50/page.