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Executive Council Nomination Info


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SAITSA President

The President acts as the leader and public representative of the SAIT Students’ Association. They are the main point-of-contact for SAITSA to external parties such as the media and SAIT Polytechnic. They help steer the overall direction of SAITSA and its strategic planning in conjunction with the Executive Director, and provide leadership to the Executive Council, Board of Directors and staff of SAITSA. The President is an ambitious leader who represents the needs of SAIT Polytechnic students, and plays a strong role in almost everything that SAITSA does.


Vice President External

The Vice President External is responsible for developing and maintaining external relations on behalf of SAITSA. They are a voice for the students of SAIT Polytechnic within the municipal, provincial and federal governments. They are responsible for maintaining awareness of external issues that face SAIT students, and for developing and implementing SAITSA’s external advocacy initiatives. The VP External is a great communicator, who can build and strengthen relationships with external organizations to benefit the student body.


Vice President Academic

The Vice President Academic is responsible for all areas of student concerns and the general well-being of SAITSA members. They facilitate the resolution of student concerns and grievances and work with SAIT Polytechnic to ensure that the experiences of SAIT students are fair and just. They liaise with SAIT Polytechnic on all academic issues, providing a student perspective to the institution and advocating for the academic needs of students. They act as an adviser and a resource to all students regarding academic and non-academic matters. The VP Academic is effective at conflict resolution, is knowledgeable about the SAIT community, and cares about the success and well-being of every SAIT student.


Vice President Student Life

The Vice President Student Life is responsible for improving life on campus for students. Alongside the Student Experience and Events departments, they develop and implement programs and events that promote student wellness. They are responsible for assisting with volunteer initiatives, maintaining relationships with internal SAIT groups, and actively supporting SAIT students to make their experience at SAIT fun and successful. The VP Student Life is energetic, passionate about creating an enjoyable schooling experience for SAIT students, and is active in the lives of students on campus.

Read the Executive Council Position Summaries for the full list of each position’s duties: Download PDF


What are the benefits of being on the Executive Council?

In addition to be an  amazing professional development, networking and portfolio building opportunity, all EC positions are full-time and are compensated in the following ways:

  • Salary: +$40,000/year (May 2018-May 2019)
  • 15 days paid vacation (+2 weeks at Christmas)
  • Health and dental benefits and RRSP contributions


What position should I run for?

There are four positions on the Executive Council that you can choose to run for: the President, the VP External, the VP Academic and the VP Student Life. All of these positions are full time, exciting and hands on, and require a great deal of passion and dedication to helping students.

Each EC position has a different set of responsibilities, but in general each position is expected to:

  •  Attend and participate in regular BOD meetings, professional development training and goal-setting retreats
  • Sit on and participate in a variety of committees with SAIT and SAITSA
  • Travel when required, and attend evening, weekend and after-hours events
  • Communicate with students to ensure they are represented fairly and advocate on their behalf
  • Represent SAITSA in a noble and professional manner


How can I nominate myself?

Download the Nomination Package: Available Feb. 1, 2018

To run for the EC, you must submit a completed nomination package  to the SAITSA Governance Office (NN118) before the nomination period deadline. The two nomination periods for this election are:

Nomination Period #1
Deadline: February 28, 2018
If you submit by this date, you will be able to promote your campaign for election from March 1 – March 16, 2018.

Nomination Period #2
Deadline: March 7, 2018
If you submit by this date, you will be able to promote your campaign for election from March 8 – March 16, 2018.

You can download the nomination package in the link above, or pick one up from the SAITSA Governance Office:

NN118 – Senator Burns
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Monday – Friday


Where can I learn more?

For general information on the Executive Council please check out www.saitsa.com or contact
SAITSA’s Governance and Advocacy Manager, Rachel Paris, at rachel.paris@edu.sait.ca

All questions or concerns pertaining to the SAITSA Election Process (campaigning, expenses, etc.) must be sent via email to the Political Committee at: saitsa.elections@gmail.com