Open Letter to SAIT Students About Elections


As we enter a new student election, you will soon be bombarded with posters and candy from students wanting support for their campaign as they seek out a position with the SAITSA Board of Directors.

The students campaigning are vying for one of the 12 spots to represent over 12,000 SAIT students in high-level meetings and decision making.  The group elected make key decisions that affect your time here at SAIT.

Maybe you are a new student who has spent the past few weeks navigating campus and figuring out which textbooks are worth purchasing. Or perhaps you are a returning student who got a taste of lazy mornings and has been readjusting to the student lifestyle. Either way, the weeks in September can feel like you are drinking water from a firehose: “Quick, go make some friends!”, assignment due dates are thrown your way,  you meet your teachers and have to learn all of their personalities, a group project has been assigned, boom, you just saw a club you’re interested in joining. Zoom to now, and SAITSA is asking you to vote for your Board of Directors.

You may be thinking “Board of Directors; that sounds official and way above my pay grade.”

You may find yourself saying something along the lines of, “I am only here for two years, this does not affect me.” But everything we do today affects our future students; maybe those future students could be your siblings, you in ten years, or your children in 30. Or maybe you plan on transferring to another institution, your student representatives could impact that as well. On top of that, SAITSA is a multi-million dollar organization that is run by students, for students. This is an amazing opportunity for those who choose to get involved, but can also put the organization and student money in a vulnerable position.

Your vote is important, because as a SAITSA fee paying member, you have the right to decide who represents you.

I know it can be annoying to have candidates talk to you while you are trying to study, socialize, or eat. I also understand that it can be frustrating to hear about issues that don’t seem to change year-after-year. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

These students that are campaigning to you are students just like you, who have taken the time to be your voice when it comes to student issues. This is your chance to have a say in the student leaders that directly impact your time and money while you are here at SAIT.

Maybe you know everything about SAITSA, or maybe you know nothing at all. Either way I encourage you to push yourself to be informed this election season. When choosing your representatives, look for students who are knowledgeable, have realistic goals and a passion for bettering your student experience – not just their resume.

Get out and talk to candidates, take their candy, ask them a question, and on October 3rd and 4th VOTE.

Happy voting. #saitsavotes

Alysson Torres-Gillett
SAITSA President