Emergency Food Request

Unfortunately due to unprecedented usage of the Emergency Food Fund we are currently unable to offer this service.

If you are in a crisis situation regarding an inability to access food, please contact saitsa.centre@edu.sait.ca and we will explore ways that we might be able to support you. A crisis situation would involve something along these lines: no food in your cupboards and no money to purchase food for the foreseeable future.

Other Community Supports:

To address persistent Food Insecurity challenges, we encourage you to apply to the Calgary Food Bank, they offer long-term food security solutions via the Food Hamper program.

SAIT offers a variety of supports that can help you with your budgeting, finances and tuition payment options.

SAIT also offers Counselling & Development services should you wish to talk to someone about the challenges you might be experiencing.

No student should go hungry.

We’re here to help. Judgement free.

Saitsa’s Emergency Food Fund is designed to support SAIT students who are experiencing food insecurity due to financial hardships. Please be prepared to answer some personal questions when completing the form; this information is collected to ensure that we can best serve your unique needs. All information collected is confidential.

We strive to process requests within 1 business day. If your request is approved, you will be contacted by Saitsa staff for further instructions and provided the following emergency supports:

  • A grocery store gift card that will provide you with food for 1 week – this can only be accessed once per academic year
  • A referral to the Calgary Food Bank – if desired
  • The option to access Saitsa’s Hygiene Bank for free personal hygiene supplies
  • Referral to SAIT’s Financial Aid Services – if desired