No Student Should Go Hungry

Saitsa Emergency Food Fund

Saitsa’s Emergency Food Fund is designed to support SAIT students experiencing food insecurity due to financial hardships.

How to Access the Saitsa Emergency Food Fund

In order for students experiencing food insecurity to access the Emergency Food Fund, students, or a SAIT staff member must complete the Emergency Food Fund Request Form.

If you are in a crisis situation* regarding an inability to access food, please contact and we will explore ways that we may be able to support you. 


*A crisis situation would involve something along the lines of no food in your cupboards, and no money to purchase food for the foreseeable future.

If the request is approved, you will be contacted by Saitsa staff for further instructions and provided with the following:

  • A grocery store gift card
  • Referral to the Calgary Food Bank*
  • Referral to SAIT’s Financial Aid Services*

*upon request

Other Supports

Saitsa offers students the opportunity to request access to the Wellness Bank program, which provides them with basic personal hygiene and cleaning products of their choosing.


To address persistent Food Insecurity challenges, students are encouraged to apply to the Calgary Food Bank, as they offer long-term food security solutions through the Food Hamper program.



SAIT offers a variety of services that students may want to consider reaching out to for additional support:


Located in the Lamb Learner Success Centre (MC221, Stan Grad), students can access aid regarding budgeting, financing, and tuition payment options.


Student Development and Counselling (AA205, Heritage Hall) offers students the opportunity to talk to a licensed professional, should they wish to see someone regarding their challenges.

Emergency Food Fund FAQ

How many times am I able to access the Emergency Food Fund?

Students are able to access the Emergency Food Fund once per semester.

How will I know I have been approved?

Once approved, the student will receive an email providing next steps.

Where do I pick up my Emergency Food Fund?

Once the student has received their approval email, they will be able to collect their Emergency Food Fund at the Resource Centre (MC107, Stan Grad).