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Your vote counts. Choose your 2018/2019 student  representatives. Voting is easy and only takes a few minutes.  Cast your vote online!

SECURE online voting.

We’ve simplified the voting process. Access the secure link to the voting ballot during the voting period. Voting is easy and  is done through your SAIT student email.  An email will be  automatically be sent to SAIT student emails with instructions on how to vote at the start of the voting period.

WHO can vote 

Any student who pays SAITSA fees can vote in the SAIT Students’ Association elections..  If you pay SAITSA fees and have not received your voting email please check your junk folder; if you still cannot find the email please contact:

WHAT positions 

What positions can I vote for?

SAITSA students are entitled to vote  for ALL candidates running in the elections, but you do not have to vote for all the candidates/positions if you do not want to.  Students also have the right to abstain/spoil their ballot.

WHEN can I vote? 

Mark your calendar! Online voting will be held between  8 a.m. Oct. 3 until 4 p.m. Oct. 4, 2018.

WHERE can I vote? 

Student are able to access a secure link to the election ballot and sign on with their SAIT student email during the voting period. Day or night, you can vote from anywhere ! Additionally, there are a number of SAITSA polling stations located throughout campus to cast your electronic ballot. All you need is a valid SAIT student email address.

Forgot what your password is to your SAIT student email? Unless you’ve changed it, your password should be your date of birth: DD/MM/YY 

WHY should I vote? 

You’re putting your support behind students who will advocate for you to the institution and all levels of government. These dedicated students will set the framework for the Students’ Association for years to come, which will impact the events and services offered and how your membership fees are spent.

Furthermore, SAITSA is building a student centre!  Those elected will be making strategic decisions regarding the operations and services that will be offered in this new space.  For more information on SAITSA HQ please go to: