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Go ahead, you can do it!  As a student owned and operated non-profit organization SAITSA needs students who are passionate about being stewards of their Students’ Association and who want to improve the SAIT student experience.  Be a part of something great and become a candidate in SAITSA’s elections by submitting your nomination package.


SAITSA holds two elections a year: 

  1. Fall (Sept/Oct) for the Board of Directors 
  2. Winter (Feb/Mar) for the Executive Council  

WHO can run? 

Who can run in an election? 

Students who pay SAITSA fees and are in good standing with SAIT are eligible to become a candidate in an election. If you’re interested in becoming a candidate in an election, please ensure you familiarize yourself with our governing documents and strategic plan so that you can build a campaign plan based off of realistic goals and ideas that support the mission and values of SAITSA.

WHY run for office? 

There are several reasons to run in the election. Here are some reasons cited by past candidates:

  • Be a voice for the student body
  • Improve the SAIT student experience 
  • Network with community leaders 
  • Support student services and events 
  • Advocate for student rights 
  • Gain real world experience 
  • Build a better campus community 

WHAT positions? 

What are the elected positions? 

Executive Council 

Collectively, the Executive Council is the executive authority of SAITSA and acts as a liaison between the Board, the membership, the administration of SAIT, and outside organizations. The Executive advocate for student rights and lobbies at all levels of government on behalf of the membership. They are accountable for the day-to-day affairs of SAITSA and support the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Successful candidates in the Executive Council elections serve for one year, commencing May 15 and ending on May 14. Incoming Executive must participate in transition activities from March to May, in addition to participating in a transition from May 1 to May 15.

Time Commitment:
Whereas Board Directors are considered volunteers, the Executive Council are full-time for the duration of the term. Evening events and meetings, extensive travel May through July and occasional weekend work is required.


Executive Council are compensated as full-time staff for their hard work and dedication to SAITSA. The President and Vice Presidents are required to work 35 hours a week for the duration of their term.

  • Salary: +$43,000/year
  • 15 days paid vacation (+2 weeks at Christmas)
  • Health and dental benefits and RRSP contributions


Duties of Executive Council:

The Executive Council work together to accomplish the following:

  • Provide opportunities for student consultation and feedback to identify and address areas of student concern;
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in the areas of academics, facilities, and campus life;
  • Administer the financial affairs of SAITSA within their authority;
  • Attend, actively participate in and report at meetings of the Executive Council and Board of Directors;
  • Develop and execute goals in accordance with the strategic plan and the annual budget;
  • Represent SAITSA at various events on and off campus;
  • Approve operational procedures of SAITSA;
  • Promote and encourage student engagement through active participation in on-campus events; and
  • Participate in the training and transition of incoming Executive through the preparation of transition materials, and conducting meetings and networking opportunities.
  • Executing the hiring, compensating, supervising, advising and evaluating of the Executive Director, and regularly evaluating the aforementioned processes.
  • For more information please refer to our Bylaws.


Board Director 

Board members are eligible to serve a one-year term (October of the current academic year –October of the following academic year).

Time Commitment:
The Board meets the first Monday of every month at 6pm; meetings typically run for three hours and dinner is provided afterwards.  In order to effectively fulfill your duties as a Director, in addition to attending meetings, you would be expected to: review agenda packages, familiarize yourself with the Association’s staff and services, and attend training and committee meetings.  Commitment and engagement levels differ, but on average a Director dedicates approximately 10-15 hours a month to effectively executing their duties.

Roles & Responsibilities:
Board of Directors

The business and affairs of the SAIT Students’ Association is governed by the Board of Directors (BOD), the BOD provide strategic oversight and decision making for the Association on behalf of the members who elected them.  The BOD are the stewards of the Association, this means that they have a fiduciary duty and a duty of care to the Association.  These terms may sound intimidating, but in general terms it means that those who are elected to the Board:

  • Have a loyalty to SAITSA
  • Respect the confidentiality of Board business
  • Make reasonably informed decisions
  • Take an active and direct role in key matters

For more information on the duties of the BOD, please refer to our Bylaws.    

Individual Directors

While the success of the Association is tied directly to the responsibility of the Board, each individual Director is responsible for acting honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the association.  They are to exercise the care and skill that a reasonable person would in a similar situation.  In addition to their duties, Directors are also required to sit on and actively participate in one of the Board’s Standing Committees: Finance, Governance or Nominations.  Please refer to our Bylaws for more information.

Directors will be provided with an honorarium for every Board meeting they attend.  Directors are provided training and professional development opportunities, in addition, they are also eligible for SAIT’s Co-Curricular Records upon completion of a full term as a Director.

WHEN to run? 

When are the important dates?

Executive Council

Nomination Periods

Nomination Period #1: TBD
Nomination Period #2: TBD

In order to become a nominee, you must submit a completed nomination package to NN118 by the deadline.

Candidates Meetings

Candidates’ Meeting #1: TBD
Candidates’ Meeting #2: TBD

After submitting your nomination package, you must attend a candidates’ meeting in order to be declared a candidate.

Candidates’ Photo and Video Sessions

Candidates will be given a 15-minute session with staff to make a 90-second video introducing themselves, why they are running, and a brief overview of their platform. Scheduling for this will be done at the candidates’ meetings.

Photo and Video Session #1: TBD
Photo and Video Session #2: TBD

After submitting your nomination package, you must attend a candidates’ meeting in order to be declared a candidate.

Board of Directors (BOD)

Nomination Periods 

In order to become a nominee you must submit a completed nomination package to NN118 by the deadline.

Dates TBD – please check back in September for more information

Candidates Meetings
After submitting your nomination package, you must attend a candidates’ meeting in order to be declared a candidate.

Dates TBD – please check back in September for more information

HOW to run?

How to run your campaign? 

With shoes… just kidding! Candidates are encouraged to get creative and express themselves in a way that is true to themselves and what they are campaigning on.  However, with that being said, there are a number of rules that candidates must follow, please refer to SAITSA’s Elections Policies and Procedures for more information.

Executive Council important documents are coming soon…

Learn more about SAITSA:

WHERE to submit? 

Where to submit a Nomination Package? 

SAITSA Governance Office:
NN118 – Senator Burns
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Monday – Friday