WILL you be a candidate? 

Go ahead, you can do it!  As a student-owned and operated non-profit organization, Saitsa needs students who are passionate about shaping the student experience here at SAIT.  Be a part of something great and become a candidate in Saitsa’s election by submitting your nomination form. The nomination form will be available on this page on March 1, 2021.

WHEN to run for the Board of Directors?

Nomination Periods

In order to become a nominee, you must submit the nomination form and collect 20 student endorsements via ‘e-signatures’ before the nomination period deadline. There are two nomination periods to give you plenty of time to complete the package and prepare your campaign.

Election Nomination Period #1 – March 1 – 9, 2021, Deadline to submit: March 9th, 12:00 PM

Election Nomination Period #2 – March 10 – 16, 2021, Deadline to submit: March 16th 12:00 PM

Candidates’ Meetings
After submitting your nomination package and obtaining 20 endorsement signatures, you must attend a candidates’ meeting in order to be declared a candidate.

Candidates Meeting #1 – March 9th at 5:00pm

Candidates Meeting #2 – March 16th at 5:00pm 

Candidates’ Photo and Video Sessions

Candidates will film a 120-second video introducing themselves, why they are running, and a brief overview of their platform.

Download the Photo and Video Guideline Document for 2021.

WHO can run for the Board of Directors?

Who can run in an election?

Students who pay Saitsa fees and are in good standing with SAIT are eligible to become a candidate in an election. You must also plan on continuing your studies for the next academic year as Directors are required to be active students.

If you’re interested in becoming a candidate in the election, please ensure you familiarize yourself with our governing documents and strategic plan so that you can build a campaign plan based on realistic goals and ideas that support the mission and values of Saitsa.

WHY run for the Board of Directors?

There are several reasons to run in the election. Here are some reasons cited by past candidates:

  • Be a voice for the student body
  • Improve the SAIT student experience
  • Network with community leaders
  • Advocate for student rights
  • Gain real-world experience
  • Build a better campus community

WHAT is the Board of Directors?

Board members are eligible to serve a one-year term (May of the current academic year –May of the following academic year).

Time Commitment:
The Board meets twice a month, typically the first and third Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m; meetings typically run for two hours.  In order to effectively fulfill your duties as a Director, in addition to attending meetings, you would be expected to: review agenda packages, familiarize yourself with the Association’s purpose and services, and attend training.  In order to fulfill their duties, Directors will dedicate approximately 10-15 hours a week to their responsibilities and are provided an honorarium.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The business and affairs of the SAIT Students’ Association are governed by the Board of Directors (BOD), the BOD provides strategic oversight and decision-making for the Association on behalf of the members who elected them.  The BOD are the stewards of the Association, this means that they have a fiduciary duty and a duty of care to the Association.  These terms may sound intimidating, but in general terms, it means that those who are elected to the Board:

  • Have loyalty to Saitsa
  • Respect the confidentiality of Board business
  • Make reasonably informed decisions
  • Take an active and direct role in key matters

The role of the Board is to provide ongoing ownership linkage with the student body, to set organizational policy in accordance with ownership needs and preferences, to provide monitoring and oversight of Executive Director compliance with policy.

For more information on the duties of the BOD, please refer to our Bylaws.

Board Leadership

From within the Board, a President and Vice President are elected. These two leadership positions are typically the delegates/representatives to Saitsa’s municipal, provincial, and federal advocacy groups.

As the President has additional responsibilities compared to other Directors they are expected to work additional hours and therefore would find it difficult to maintain a full-time course load.

Role of the President & Vice President:

  • The President is the chief representative and advocates for the student body, they are also the chief spokesperson for the association and the leader (i.e.: Chair) of the Board.
  • The Vice President is the deputy chief representative and advocates for the student body; in the absence of the President, the Vice President takes on the responsibilities of the President.
  • The President and Vice President assume the primary advocacy role on behalf of Saitsa, this duty requires extensive travel and public speaking at various points in the year.
  • An example of weekly duties would include: attending & scheduling meetings (committees, strategy, briefings, etc.), preparing agenda packages and minutes, attending and speaking at ownership linkage events, communicating advocacy achievements, corresponding with staff, Directors, and external parties, and fostering leadership and development of Directors.

Individual Directors

While the success of the Association is tied directly to the responsibility of the Board, each individual Director is responsible for acting honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the association. They are to exercise the care and skill that a reasonable person would in a similar situation.

Directors will be appointed to sit on various committees or working groups within SAIT and maintain the ownership linkage by connecting with students on a regular basis. Various opportunities for leadership experience, student engagement, and advocacy work will present themselves throughout the term and Directors will be encouraged to engage. Please refer to our Bylaws for more information.

  • An example of monthly duties of Directors would include: attending and preparing for meetings, attending and speaking at ownership linkage events, and identifying and communicating potential topics/areas for advocacy initiatives to the President & Vice President. 


Directors will be provided with a monthly honorarium, totaling $10,000+ for the term ($30,000+ for President & Vice President). Directors are provided extensive governance and advocacy training, and professional, networking, and leadership development opportunities. In addition, Directors are eligible for SAIT’s Co-Curricular Records upon completion of a full term as a Director.

Can I be a student & Director at the same time?

You are required to be a student in order to run in the election AND serve as a Director; each person (and program) is different, but Directors generally should be able to manage a full-time course load and their Saitsa responsibilities. However, the President and Vice President’s additional responsibilities and required travel related to their roles on our advocacy groups will need to transition to a part-time student course load.

Can I work for Saitsa & serve on the Board of Directors?

In order to maintain a mind-set separation between operations and governance, Directors are not able to work for Saitsa during their term.

HOW to run your campaign?

With shoes… just kidding! Candidates are encouraged to get creative and express themselves in a way that is true to themselves and what they are campaigning on. Ideally, candidates will align their passions and interests with the mission and vision of the organization. With that being said, there are a number of rules that candidates must adhere to, please refer to Saitsa’s Elections Policies and Procedures for more information. You are welcome to contact the Governance & Advocacy staff for more information on campaigning and the election process.

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