Saitsa recognizes the need to hold open and fair elections and makes efforts to ensure all Saitsa members have the opportunity to participate in the election process. All individuals working for Saitsa are required to remain impartial while on duty. Saitsa implemented a Political Committee, led by the Chief Returning Officer (CRO), to carry out objective and rational decision during elections.  

 The Political Committee is comprised of the following positions: 

Ilene Burns
Chief Returning Officer of  Political Committee  

AnneMarie Darichuk
Deputy Returning Officer, Chair of Political Committee  

Student at Large of Political Committee *this position is appointed and changes per election

Rachel Paris
Manager, Governance of Advocacy of Political Committee  

In pursuit of the objective to achieve fairness and openness, Saitsa requires candidates, campaign managers/teams and volunteers to demonstrate respect for others and engage in fair competition. Campaign activities must be in compliance with SAIT’s code of conduct and Saitsa’s bylaws, policies and procedures. Saitsa welcomes healthy debate and opposition; however, campaign activities shall not harm the reputation of any individual. 

To run for an elected student position you must submit a completed nomination package to the Saitsa Main Office (V204) before the nomination period deadline. 

Questions regarding election process (campaigning, expenses, rulings, etc.) please contact Jennifer Dotchin, Chief Returning Officer 

Questions regarding Executive Council or Board of Director positions, dates, or general information regarding Elections, please contact : 

Rachel Paris
Manager, Governance & Advocacy