Is the position be compensated?

Directors are provided an honorarium for their advocacy efforts; the intention of the honoraria is to off-set potential wage losses a Director would experience by not being able to work part-time (or not work as much as they would if they didn’t have the Director responsibilities). Depending on performance (academic and assigned tasks) honoraria for Directors is $10,000+/year.

The President and Vice President have additional responsibilities and workload and therefore would find it difficult to maintain any part-time work; depending on performance (academic and assigned tasks) honoraria for the President and VP is $30,000+/year.

Do I need previous leadership/advocacy experience to run as a candidate?

No experience is required, just a great attitude and passion for student issues! One of the greatest things about student-led Boards like Saitsa’s is that we are prepared to teach you from the ground up and help you along the way. We realize that the majority of students who are interested in running, due to their age or phase in life, may not have any experience with governance or advocacy, so we’re a learning Board. Directors are provided extensive onboarding and the support of the Governance & Advocacy department to help make the experience a memorable one.

How do I decide who to vote for?

Deciding who to vote for can be tricky, for many students, this may be their first time voting – exciting! Democracy in action! As with all elections, it is important to review the candidate’s campaigns and get a ‘feel’ for them via their campaign activities and materials. It is also important for you to understand what the role of the Board is so that you can ensure the candidate’s platform aligns with the role of the Board. Finally, attend the Panel Night and reach out to candidates with any questions you have! Ultimately pick the candidates who resonate with you and your values the most, and who you think will do a great job representing SAIT students.

How do I know if being a Director is right for me?

One of the best ways to know if the position is right for you is to talk to those who are already in the position! You are welcome to reach out to current directors and ask questions about the role and what they’ve enjoyed (or not enjoyed!) about it. You are also welcome to attend a Board meeting to see governance in action. Saitsa Governance & Advocacy staff are also a great resource. 

What if I want to be President or Vice President?

You must run in the Board of Directors election and first be elected as a Director by the general student body; following the election the Board themselves will elect/appoint the President and VP. Essentially there will be a ‘campaign’ of sorts within the Board following the general election, so if the President or VP position appeals to you, set that intention from the beginning and demonstrate your leadership potential!

What are the rules governing the elections?

The rules governing the elections can be found by clicking on the following documents:

Where can I report a campaign violation?

All candidates are required to abide by the Election Policies and Procedures.  If you believe a candidate has violated any of the Policies and Procedures, you can file a report via the complaint form.

Where can I submit an appeal?

The appeal process is outlined in the Election Policies and Procedures.

How can I get involved with the election?

Saitsa encourages and appreciates involvement with the election in many forms. Involvement opportunities include helping with candidates’ campaigns, running themselves, or volunteering with Saitsa.