Will the position be compensated?

Members of the Executive Council are compensated as full-time salaried staff for their hard work and dedication to Saitsa. Their annual compensation packages include:

  • Salary: +$43,000/year,
  • 15 days paid vacation (+2 weeks at Christmas),
  • Health and dental benefits,
  • RRSP contributions.

Members of the Board of Directors, on the other hand, are volunteers, but they are awarded an honorarium for attending board meetings.

How do I vote for a candidate?

The Voting Period is Mar.11 & Mar. 12, 2020. Members can access their ballot through their SAIT email address.

What are the rules governing the elections?

The rules governing the elections can be found by clicking on the following documents:

Where can I report a campaign violation?

All candidates are required to abide by the Elections Policies and Procedures.  If you believe a candidate has violated any of the Elections Policies and Procedures, you can file a report to the Chief Returning Officer.

Ilene Burns
Chief Returning Officer of  Political Committee

Where can I submit an appeal?

The appeal process is outlined in the Election Policies and Procedures.

How can I get involved with the election?

Saitsa encourages and appreciates involvement with the election in many forms. Involvement opportunities include helping with candidates’ campaigns, running themselves, or volunteering with Saitsa.