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Attend the meet & greet or forum. Learn about the candidates’ platforms. Ask questions. Decide who will get your vote based on what matters to you!

Those who get elected represent over 12,000 SAIT students to all levels of government, the community and the institution – your vote matters!

Candidates are expected to build a platform based on the 4 guiding principles of: fairness, equality, student interest and transparency.  Platforms should be clear and realistic; ideally candidates’ platforms will also incorporate components of SAITSA’s strategic plan, mission and vision.

WHO is running? 

What students are running? 

Candidates will be placing their posters up around campus and seeking opportunities to spread their message.  SAITSA organizes opportunities for students and candidates to mingle:

  • Candidate Meet & Greet; and
  • Forum

The first round of Candidate platforms will be posted below by Sept. 21, 2018. All candidate platforms will be posted by Sept. 28, 2018.

Zain BukhariBOD CandidateProfile coming soon...

Click here to watch Zain's election speech
Matthew Busby BOD CandidateProfile coming soon...
Elle CaronBOD CandidateProfile coming soon...

Click here to watch Elle's election speech
Elaina ChaputBOD CandidateProfile coming soon...
Chloe FleuryBOD CandidateProfile coming soon...

Click here to watch Chloe's election speech

Lief GarrettBOD CandidateProfile coming soon...

Click here to watch Lief's election speech
Paramvir Gill BOD CandidateParamvir Gill
I am a brilliant student (ask my instructors) with loads of energy, presenting my thoughts to you and standing as a candidate to win hearts and votes for serving SAITSA with my skills and experience.
• I am always astonished and blown away by the activities of SAITSA and I think the best of the association.
• I have a desire to be a part of the body that wins heart of the students with their fun activities and opportunities for the benefit of the students.
Ben GoudBOD CandidateMy name is Ben Goud. I am one of the first students to take the Information Systems Security program here at SAIT. During our first semester, we experienced all the growing pains of a brand-new program. Two members of the previous board of directors/executive team helped me to get engaged with SAITSA and activities at SAIT. I would love the opportunity to pay this kindness forward and help both new and returning students to be able to fully utilize all the resources that SAITSA has to offer.

Click here to watch Ben's election speech
Omar MazouziBOD CandidateMy goal and reason for running for the board of directors is to provide value to students and clubs by overseeing decision making for SAITSA on behalf of the members who elected them. SAITSA plays a big role to improve the student experience by representing SAIT students with offering many services and decisions that impact students. My mission is to make sure the decisions being made are in the best interest of the students to enhance the campus experience for everyone.

Click here to watch Omar's election speech
Reza MeghdadiBOD CandidateReza is a structural engineer with experience managing infrastructure projects. Previous to studying CPM at SAIT, he served as a Project Manager at NSQ in Iran.

Throughout his career, Reza has played a wide range of roles, including design and estimation of offshore platforms and subsea pipelines. In his free time, he enjoys reading, swimming and playing tennis

He loves entertaining and making people laugh. In his personal life, Reza is a dad to Aidin and Sara, a craft beer drinker, an Audi enthusiast, an amateur movie critic, and an avid traveler.
Ryan MorstadBOD CandidateProfile coming soon...


WHAT is a Meet & Greet? 

Meet & greets are designed to be a casual opportunity for students to interact with candidates and are  held in the Stan Grad Atrium .

WHEN is a Meet & Greet? 

Date: Oct. 2, 2018
Time: 11am – 1pm
Location: Stan Grad Atrium

WHAT is a Forum? 

The forum is your opportunity to hear the platforms of each Executive Council candidate Candidates will present their platforms and respond to questions posed by the moderator as well as other questions submitted by students.

WHEN is the Forum? 

Date and Time TBD

WHY attend the Meet & Greet or Forum?

These gatherings are your opportunity to hear from all of the candidates and compare their platforms and presentation. These events are designed to help you decide who to vote for as well as to provide a common place for all candidates to interact with students.

WHERE can I submit questions? 

You can submit your questions to