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Jess Beddow
VP Student Life
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Guten Tag! Che piacere vederti!

If this is your first time at SAIT, welcome! If you are returning, welcome back, and get ready for a good’er! There’s a lot to take in, so try not to be hard on yourself. And remember, you are surrounded by support – so ask for it if you need it!

It’s a unique year in the Executive Council with all three Vice Presidents returning for a second term in their roles. My thoughts on that? Productivity! With most of our training out of the way, we can confidently dive right into our roles! As your VP Student Life, I am passionate about community, events, and volunteering. My work revolves around encouraging and empowering students to make the most of their experience at SAIT – both in and out of the classroom setting. I’m excited to have the opportunity again to engage with students and hear all the amazing ideas YOU have to continue improving campus life.

I believe that moving students from educational compliance, through engagement, into student leadership empowers them and shapes our campus into a vibrant environment that fosters strong, dedicated leaders. Engagement is more about what you can do for your students, and empowerment is about helping students to figure out what they can do for themselves.

When I’m not in meetings or writing reports, I’m a big nerd. Board games and video games are some of my favourite things to do with friends. Other things I am passionate about include art shows, craft beer, food, and live music. I’m an avid volunteer, therefore attending many awesome events around the city such as Brewery and the Beast, Calgary Folk Music Festival, Circle – The Traveling, Beer and Music Carnival, and Fiasco Sounds of Summer Festival. I would totally recommend checking them out!

As a student with industry (specifically hospitality) experience, I’m eager to get out and start planning and implementing more student-led events and initiatives. I want to bring more awareness to the endless amount of support and resources right here on campus, such as The Gateway, Odyssey cafe, Saitsa’s Peer Support Centre, Saitsa’s Resource Centre, Station Market, Station Express, and more!

Life is stressful, mental health can be arduous and sometimes things such as time management seem like an imaginary concept, but if you learn anything from this blurb, take away this – you are not alone. Saitsa is here for you. I am here for you. Don’t forget to make time for yourself and for each other. Have a blast, this chapter of your life is going to be the best of times, but potentially the most challenging of times too. When you’re feeling stuck, don’t be shy, let’s talk about it – but perhaps not in a busy doorway! ;P If you like, we can even go around together to catch some Pokémon!


Jess Beddow

Vice President Student Life