Ryan Morstad


Contact: saitsa.president@edu.sait.ca

Program and Year of Study

Business Administration (majoring in Financial Services), 5th Year

  • Activity: Surfing
  • Band/Singer: Kanye West
  • Book: Canadian Tax Principles by Clarence E. Byrd and Ida Chen
  • Movie: Saving Private Ryan
  • Restaurant: Fusion Sushi/Peppino
  • Season: Summer
What I'm Spending Way Too Much Time Doing During Self-Isolation

Playing video games (Borderlands, Warzone, etc.) and drinking coffee.

Top Bucket List Item

Learn to kitesurf or visit 50 countries!

Fun Fact About Me

I’m a Co-Founder of a small business called LocalBox Calgary.

My Role in 3 Sentences

My job is to figure out what students want, and to try and make it happen! In more formal terms, I operationalize the strategic plan set by Saitsa’s Board of Directors. That’s the short and sweet version, but there’s a ton of other moving parts that help to make it happen!