Executive Council


From left to right: Saitsa President – Ryan Morstad. VP Academic – Tanya Pittis.
VP Student Life – Jess Beddow. VP External – Garrett Koehler. 

Who are the Executive Council?

The Executive Council (EC) is comprised of four student leader positions: the President and three Vice Presidents (Academic, External and Student Life). Each EC position is unique and plays important roles within Saitsa.
The EC are full-time staff of Saitsa and work as a team to improve the SAIT student experience at every opportunity. The EC also work hard to ensure they have dynamic and engaged relationships with SAIT and the student body and are open to meeting with and working
with students.

Connect with your Executive Council today!

President: Ryan Morstad
E: saitsa.president@edu.sait.ca
D: 403-284-8065
O: V204

VP Academic: Tanya Pittis
E: saitsa.vpacademic@edu.sait.ca
D: 403-284-8038
O: V204

VP External: Garrett Koehler
E: saitsa.vpexternal@edu.sait.ca
D: 403-284-8039
O: V204

VP Student Life: Jess Beddow
E: saitsa.vpstudentlife@edu.sait.ca
D: 403-284-8040
O: V204