Calgary General Election


Calgary General Election 2021

October 18th, 2021 is Election Day for the Calgary General Election. Make sure your voice is heard! More information on the election can be found here.

How to Vote

  • Voter Checklist
  • Steps to Vote
Voter Checklist
  1. Who can vote - Check your eligibility to vote.
  2. Ward boundaries are changing - Some ward boundaries are changing on Election Day. Look up which ward you will be in as of October 18, 2021.
  3. Get informed - Find out who is running in your ward and what’s on the ballot.
  4. Make a vote plan - Find out when and where to vote for the Advance Vote and Election Day or watch the mail for your Voter Information Card to decide when and where to vote. You can also make a customized vote plan at
  5. Voter statement - Print and fill out your voter statement (elector register form) in advance to save time at the voting station. Copies will also be provided at voting stations.
  6. Voter ID - Make sure you have one of the several acceptable forms of ID with your name and current address on it.
  7. Get out and VOTE!
Steps to Vote

Step 1 – Confirm who you are and get your ballot

Show your ID, sign your voter statement and get your ballot.

Step 2 – Mark your ballot

Go behind the privacy booth to vote. Learn about what’s on the ballot.

Step 3 – Return your ballot to the tabulator clerk

The tabulator clerk scans your ballot and records your vote.

List of Candidates

Find out who is running for the offices of mayor, councillor, public and separate school board trustee in the upcoming Calgary 2021 General Election. Ward boundaries have been updated for the 2021 General Election. Your ward may have changed. Type your home address into the where do I vote look-up tool to confirm your ward.

Jobs During the Election

Elections Calgary is hiring workers for the 2021 Calgary General Election. Approximately 3,600 temporary election workers will be hired to work during Advance vote (October 4-10, 2021) and on Election Day (October 18, 2021).

There are a wide variety of job opportunities for you to get involved in. More info here.