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VP Student Life


Jess Beddow 

VP Student Life’s Role: 

The Vice President Student Life is responsible for improving life on campus for SAIT students, engaging heavily with events, clubs, and all facets of the SAIT student experience, on and off-campus.

Alongside the Student Experience and Events departments, they develop and implement programs, and events promoting student wellness. They are responsible for
assisting with volunteer initiatives, maintaining relationships with internal SAIT groups and clubs, and actively supports students to make their experience at

SAIT enjoyable and successful.

The VP Student Life is energetic and passionate about creating an enjoyable schooling experience for  SAIT students, and is active in the lives of students on campus.

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Contact Info 

Jess Beddow
VP Student Life
E: saitsa.vpstudentlife@edu.sait.ca
D: (403)284-8040
O: V204