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Alysson Torres-Gillett  

President’s Role The SAIT Students’ Association’s President acts as the leader, and primary spokesperson for SAITSA.  

They are expected to be the main point of contact of SAITSA to external parties such as media, and engages with SAIT administration, and represents SAITSA on the SAIT Board of Governors. They are also the main liaison with industry leaders.

They help steer the overall direction of SAITSA, and it’s strategic planning in conjunction with the Executive Director, managing the financial operations of the organization.

The President provides leadership to the EC, Board of Directors, and staff of SAITSA.  As a part of the EC, the President develops goals, and special projects to improve SAITSA as a whole. The President is an ambitious leader representing the needs of SAIT students, and plays a strong role in all that SAITSA does.

Contact Info
Alysson Torres-Gillett
D: 403-284-8065
O: V204 

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