Board Advisor

Board Advisor

Saitsa Board of Directors

Saitsa is hiring a Board Advisor for the Saitsa Board of Directors.

The Board Advisor for the Board of Directors of the SAIT Students’ Association (Saitsa) is principally responsible for providing the Board of Directors with advice and counsel relating to parliamentary procedure and general good governance practices.

The Board Advisor works to ensure that the meetings are conducted in a manner consistent with Robert’s Rules of Order and the internal governing documents of the Association.

The Board Advisor is expected to be unbiased and act ethically. Ideally, the Board Advisor is interested and capable in fostering a space where Directors feel as though they can engage and challenge their peers.

If you're interested in applying,

please email a copy of your resume and cover letter to:

Sunra Sunra

by 4:00pm, August 12th