Hey SAIT students,

Welcome to the sixth Learning From Home 101 blog post (the previous one was Your Support System). In this post, we’ve written about something that you might not think is important to your academic success… self-care!


What is self-care?

Self-care is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – taking care of  your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Despite the common misconception, self-care isn’t just cucumber eye masks and cups of tea ( …although those are types of self-care that are perfectly valid, if that’s what you’re into)!

Self-care can mean baking, making, working out, or even just treating yourself to an afternoon nap. Basically, it’s doing that thing (or multiple things) that makes you feel good about yourself, and leaves you feeling like a total champ who’s ready to rule the world afterwards.

If you still haven’t found what self-care activity/activities work for you, keep experimenting! You’ve got this.


Why is self-care important?

Aside from the fact that you’re a human being that’s worthy of your own care and love, self-care is important because it directly results in feeling better about yourself! And when you feel better yourself, your confidence is increased, and when your confidence is increased, you’re in a better mindset to accomplish the things you want to do. Did you know that practicing small acts of caring for yourself contributes to long-term feelings of well-being? That means that if you practice self-care enough, you can actually eventually get to a point where you just feel good in general, and not just when you’re trying to make yourself feel good!


Where can I learn more about self-care?

At Saitsa, your well-being is important to us, which is why we’ve taken our Wellness Wednesday programming online.

Every Wednesday morning at 10 A.M., we’re going to be taking you through various topics in regards to wellness (e.g. fitness, healthy eating, journaling, and so much more)!

SAIT’s Student Development & Counselling department is another fantastic source for self-help tools and resources, so be sure to check them out too.


What self-care activities do you recommend?

So this may be a bias answer… but Saitsa hosts a wide range of events, programming, and services in order to cater to the unique interests and needs of every student… because we know that self-care and a good time looks different to everyone! We’ve got something to offer SAIT students every day of the week, Monday to Friday. Don’t believe us? Visit Saitsa.com/events to see for yourself!

Oh, and if there’s something else you’d like to see from us that would make your student experience outside of the classroom setting better, don’t be afraid to reach out. Your VP Student Life, Jessi Leippi is your contact for this and saitsa.vpstudentlife@edu.sait.ca is her email address.