When SAIT announced earlier this year that Winter semester classes would have to be finished online, a lot of you voiced concerns about not having the confidence and/or tools to be able to learn from home. With their more recent news about the majority of classes continuing to be online until the end of this year, we, Saitsa, wanted to do our part in helping you succeed academically, despite being outside of the classroom setting.

We’re out with an online initiative called Learning From Home 101 – a blog series that acknowledges the challenges of learning outside of the classroom setting, and offers tips and tricks to combat them. Through Learning From Home 101, we aim to offer an introduction – so a short, understandable insight to a wide variety of topics around learning that we hope students can feel inspired to look more into on their own time afterward, or approach SAIT’s Lamb Learner Success Centre about.

Originally, we planned for Learning From Home 101 to be a video series. However, after listening to your feedback about what would be most useful and therefore the best option for you, we’ve decided for this online initiative to take the form of blog posts.

This is where we’ll be posting weekly Learning From Home 101 blog posts covering topics such as how to set yourself up for a successful start, avoiding procrastination, effective note taking, time management, and so much more! We’re incredibly excited about this online initiative, and we wish you a happy reading ahead!