2023 Saitsa Student Experience Award Winners

Club of the Year Winner


About The Award

This award honours a club who demonstrates outstanding dedication to improving student life on campus. Whether the objective of the club is to help people develop skills, network or simply to meet new people and have fun, student clubs are an integral component of the student experience at SAIT.

We appreciate all of our engaged clubs and club members and thank those who took the time to apply.

About The Winning Club

The BGIS Club has been a shining example of student involvement and impact. In 2022-2023, they raised $350 for the Adopt-a-Family program, hosted GIS Day which celebrated GIS and provided a networking opportunity for over 120 individuals, and organized 3 Lunch and Learns, educational seminars, and more.

We appreciate all of our clubs, club executives and members and thank those who took the time to apply.

DC Fleming Award Winner

Ankit Poddar

About The Award

From 1934-1968, DC Fleming was a staunch advocate for SAIT and advocated tirelessly for SAIT students to industry and community leaders about the true value of a SAIT education, SAIT at that time was not respected as a post-secondary institution in the same way it is today.

The DC Fleming Award honors a student who demonstrates involvement in advocacy initiatives that raise awareness on issues that affect SAIT students, such as public transportation, safety on campus, and affordable housing.

Thank you to all of those who applied for this award, the difference you make in this community is appreciated and felt by those around you and those yet to come!

About The Winner

Ankit Poddar, a proud member of Enactus, has been involved in the Community Pride+ Program and the Stonewall Addictions Recovery Centre for the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Ankit has raised funds for the gala and organized the silent auction. As an international student, Ankit pays it forward through philanthropic actions, including volunteering with SAIT and the city's YMCA.

Thank you to all of those who applied for this award, the difference you make in this community is appreciated and felt by those around you and those yet to come!

Disruptor Award Winner

Vincent Mondiguing

About The Award

Designed to encourage and support grassroots advocacy, the Disruptor Award recognizes a SAIT student who passionately commits their time and energy to initiative(s) that improve their community and drive change. Individuals can apply directly for this award, but nominations by others in the community are also taken into consideration when selecting a winner.

Saitsa thanks all those who applied or who took the time to nominate someone for this award.

About The Winner

Vincent Mondiguing, an international student in the EVT program, served as a Safety Ambassador at SAIT during the pandemic. Vincent's encouragement for peers to speak to faculty and senior leadership has led to modifications in the EVT Program, making it more accommodating and equitable to the current student population and their needs.

Saitsa thanks all those who applied to this role, the impact of each of your contributions to advocate for initiatives has had a positive outcome for many at SAIT

JM Parker Award

Paul John Martinez

About The Award

A much-admired leader, JM Parker served the SAIT community in variety of leadership roles for twenty-nine years.

To honor the legacy of JM Parker, this award goes to one of our elected student leaders on our Board of Directors. The recipient must have strived to improve the SAIT student experience, fostered connections, inspired and encouraged other future student leaders, and engaged in leadership opportunities outside of their Director duties.

Saitsa appreciates all of the time and energy our Directors put into the organization - we literally couldn't exist or do what we do without you!

About The Winner

As a Board of Director for one year and the current VP, Paul John Martinez is a strong advocate for mental health and wellbeing initiatives. Paul is also a voice for the growing international student population on campus, consistently displaying a big smile and friendly personality which makes him highly approachable.

Saitsa appreciates all the work each of our Board of Directors put into the organization- we literally couldn’t exist or do what we do without you!

Marcel Carpenter Award

Kelly Kennedy

About The Award

Since 1986, Marcel Carpenter has demonstrated outstanding dedication to both SAIT and Saitsa; since 1990 Marcel has been an instructor and coordinator for SAIT and an advisor and mentor to the Saitsa team.

This award was first established in 2001, and while 2016 marked Marcel’s official retirement from SAIT, his spirit and dedication to the SAIT and Saitsa communities will continue to be recognized through this award.

This award is presented to a SAIT staff or instructor who has demonstrated outstanding dedication to Saitsa and the SAIT community.

The award intends to recognize those in the SAIT community who contribute to enhancing the community spirit on campus by being actively engaged in the promotion of Saitsa services, programs, operations and elections.

About The Winner

Kelly Kennedy brings awareness to the importance of networking, supporting students by providing access to networking events and opportunities. Kelly advocates for student leadership, encouraging students to gain leadership skills by joining the Board of Directors.

Thank you to all those who took the time to nominate someone who has helped contribute to the SAIT and Saitsa relationship while creating a positive impact on our community.

Supporter Award

Bernardes Toledo

About The Award

Only available to those who are nominated by others, the Supporter Award recognizes a student who demonstrates care, compassion and empathy for their peers. Whether it is in the form of free tutoring or mentorship, fostering personal growth, or supporting a fellow student in their journey, this award celebrates a student who selflessly and positively impacts those around them by simply being willing to be a 'supporter'.

Saitsa thanks all those who took the time to nominate a 'supporter' that's making a difference at SAIT.

About The Winner

Bernardes Toledo is a friendly face on campus, known for being dependable, resourceful, and always willing to help. As a mentor to many, Bernardes provides mentorship and encouragement to peers, supporting students academically and socially, fostering diversity and inclusion, and creating a sense of community.

Saitsa thanks all those who took the time to nominate a ‘supporter’ that’s making a difference at SAIT

Therese Murray Award

Wilasinee Thongchalerm

About The Award

Established in 2001, this award honors a treasured alumni of the SAIT community, Therese Murray. Through years of dedication and commitment to improving the SAIT student experience, Therese was involved in many initiatives that led to improved campus life experiences.

Most notably, Therese was a member of the Disability Awareness Committee from 1989-1991; the committee won an award for their efforts towards improving accessibility on campus. The wheelchair ramps, automatic doors and Braille around campus are still with us today. Saitsa applauds the selfless philanthropic efforts of individuals such as Therese Murray through this award.

About The Winner

As an international student in the Business School, Wilasinee Thongchalerm has been highly involved in campus initiatives such as Saitsa Volunteers, Enactus, Peer Mentoring Programs, and other clubs. A highly requested Peer Tutor, Wilasinee participated in the Stonewall Recovery Bricks and Mortar Gala through Enactus to support the 2SLGBTQ+ community and always seeks ways to help others and learn.

We appreciate all the individuals who applied for this award, each of you have created a positive experience for the students at SAIT, and we appreciate all your contributions.

2023 Saitsa Instructor Excellence Award Winners

School of Transportation

Harley Breadner

About The Winner

Harley Breadner excels as a compassionate instructor, demonstrating organization and class preparation. Open to feedback, he adapts to student's needs and creates new course materials. His positive attitude and concern for student well-being make him an exemplary role model.

School of Energy

Chuck Cheng

About The Winner

Prof. Chuck Cheng displays extensive knowledge in petroleum production and a passion for teaching. His engaging presentations make learning enjoyable, while the positive classroom atmosphere encourages student participation and absorption of the material.

School of Manufacturing & Automation

Stephen Kenny

About The Winner

Stephen Kenny is a knowledgeable and engaging instructor who takes a flexible approach to teaching. He ensures student understanding, answers questions, and fosters a positive, friendly atmosphere in the classroom.

School of Construction

Jay Reid

About The Winner

Jay Reid is an exceptional instructor known for organization, knowledge, and engaging presentations. He creates a welcoming atmosphere, helping students with questions or concerns, making him a valued SAIT community member.

School of Hospitality

Michael Allemeier

About The Winner

Chef Michael Allemeier is an inspiring teacher with global experience and passion for his craft. His warm personality, engaging teaching style, and dedication to student success make his classes enjoyable and memorable.

School of Business

Dan Wong

About The Winner

Dan Wong is an organized and enthusiastic instructor creating a welcoming learning environment. His clear presentations, attention to individual needs, and fair grading system make him a favourite among the SAIT community.

School of Health and Public Safety

Rodel Padua

About The Winner

Rodel Padua is a dedicated instructor, excelling at making complex material enjoyable and accessible. His strong organizational skills, engaging teaching style, and positive attitude create a supportive and interactive learning environment.

Academic Services

Limei Wang

About The Winner

Dr. Limei Wang is a devoted instructor, going above and beyond for her students. She fosters community by remembering names and checking in with struggling students. Her commitment to resources and personalized attention makes her stand out at SAIT.

School for Advanced Digital Technology

Ali Moussa

About The Winner

Ali Moussa is highly regarded for his commitment to student engagement and success. His deep understanding of material and ability to explain complex concepts makes him invaluable. Ali encourages participation and continuously seeks innovative ways to improve the course content.