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Sustainability Award


2 individual recipients & 1 club/year

Impact Statement (250 words max)


Small actions have big impacts; SAITSA strives to do its part to minimize its impact on the environment and encourages its members to do the same.  This award recognizes those who try to minimize the impact SAIT and its students have on the environment and the community, either through individual initiatives, class or group projects, and/or committee work.

Application Criteria

Applicants are required to provide an impact statement that outlines what actions towards environmental sustainability/protection/conservation they have taken over the last year, and what impacts their actions have had on the SAIT community.  Applicants are encouraged to include what involvement they have had with SAITSA.

Selection Criteria

Decisions will be based on the applicants’ ability to demonstrate what impact their actions have had on the SAIT community.  Special consideration may be given to those who participated in SAITSA’s Sustainability Committee events such as Earth Expo, etc. The Chair of the Sustainability Committee will be consulted for final recipient selection; the Clubs Coordinator will determine the recipient of the club award.