1 individual/year – $500

Personal Statement (250 words max)


Who’s got the spirit? Let us hear it!

Saitsa strives to heighten and rouse a sense of identity and community that is driven by the students but shared by all members of the SAIT community. Moments that make one’s SAIT experience significant and memorable typically occur outside of the classroom: rowdy home games, club events, all-nighter study groups, volunteer initiatives, the list is endless. This award serves to recognize those who epitomize ‘School Spirit’ through actions that inspire others, encourage engagement, foster community, and promote SAIT pride.

Application Criteria

In a short statement, applicants are asked to create a tagline or motto for SAIT or Saitsa Spirit. Applicants are also required to include a personal reflection on what being a part of the SAIT/Saitsa community means to them and how participating in SAIT and Saitsa activities has contributed to their sense of community and pride in SAIT. Applicants may include statements on why they initially chose SAIT, what events they have attended, ideas they have to promote and foster school spirit in others, how they have participated and contributed to the SAIT community, etc. The inclusion of attachments that demonstrate pride or school spirit are encouraged (photos, screen shots, etc.).

Selection Criteria

Recipients will be selected based on their ability to effectively convey their enthusiasm and SAIT pride within their application. Preference may be given to those who demonstrate not just SAIT pride in their Students’ Association (Saitsa). The Awards Selection Committee will select one successful applicant.