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Entrepreneur Award


2 Recipients/Year

Personal Statement (250 words max)


This award serves to recognize students who demonstrate leadership, ambition, ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit of a business owner.  Large or small ambitions, SAITSA aims to recognize those who demonstrate a passion towards entrepreneurism.

Application Criteria

Applicants are asked to briefly describe their business (what they sell, how many employees, etc.), how they manage their responsibilities as a student and entrepreneur, and what motivates them to own their own business.  Applicants are encouraged to include what involvement they have had with SAITSA.

Applicants who have previously won this award are welcome to apply, however they must also demonstrate how previously winning the award advanced their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Selection Criteria

Recipients will be selected based on the students’ ability to express how they balance their responsibilities as a student and business owner.  Preference may be given to those who have participated in SAITSA events, especially those aimed towards student-entrepreneurs, such as SAITSA Marketplace.

Entrepreneur Award Application Form 2019/20


  • Please note that any personal information included within this application form will not be given to sources outside the SAIT Students' Association.

    SAITSA Executives and full-time staff are not eligible for SAITSA Awards.