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In 2015, SAITSA’s Board of Directors established a three-year Strategic Plan, which outlines three key priorities designed to provide focus and to enhance the student experience and increase value for our student membership.

The three priorities identified in the strategic plan are:

1. Student Stakeholders
SAITSA is working to develop and maintain stakeholder relationships with key individuals and organizations in the community to create more networking and learning opportunities for students. The following awards recognize those in the student community who demonstrate an initiative towards increasing opportunities for students to engage with industry leaders; they also serve to recognize students who embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Student Space Expansion
SAITSA is currently in the process of designing and building a space on campus specifically for students; the new SAITSA building will be the headquarters on-campus for non-academic activities. SAITSA recognizes that a student’s time here at SAIT is about more than classes, reports and exams; SAITSA aims to improve the SAIT student experience partially through providing space through which students can express themselves, study and/or relax.

3. Organizational Sustainability
SAITSA operates under a Social Enterprise Model, which means that the revenue generated by our operations (Station Market, Gateway, Odyssey Coffeehouse, etc.) filters directly back into our services and programs. In addition, it also means that SAITSA strives to minimize our environmental impact through the use of compostable take-out containers, locally sourced products, and organic food options.