1 recipient/year – $750

Personal Impact Essay (250 words max)


Since our inception, Saitsa has relied on volunteers to help run our events, program and services; to put simply, volunteers enhance Saitsa’s ability to fulfil our mission and vision. Students volunteer for a variety of reasons, some want to contribute to their community, others with to meet new people and make friends, while others want to develop their skills and build their resume. Whatever their reason, what unites all our volunteers is that they passionately contribute their time and energy to Saitsa because they find it both challenging and rewarding. The Volunteer of the Year Award serves to recognize an individual who has significantly impacted Saitsa through their contributions of both their time and energy. The Volunteer of the Year is an outstanding volunteer who has made meaningful contributions and is celebrated for their lasting impact they have had on Saitsa and the SAIT community.


Application Criteria

This award recognizes and an individual who has contributed a minimum of 100 volunteer hours to Saitsa within the current academic year. Applicants should indicate how their volunteerism with Saitsa has contributed to positive and meaningful impact both within themselves and the SAIT community. Applicants must indicate their current number of Saitsa volunteer hours; they can also estimate how many additional hours they plan to contribute before the end of the academic year. Applicants can also indicate how many volunteer hours they have contributed to Saitsa in previous academic years and other volunteer initiatives they have contributed to.


Selection Criteria

The Saitsa Volunteer Coordinator is to be provided all the applications by the Chair of the Awards Selection Committee (ASC) and is to narrow down the top three to five applicants based on the criteria for the award. The final selection of a recipient is to be completed by the ASC. Final selection is to be based on the number of volunteer hours and the stated impact their volunteerism has had on the applicant’s experience as a SAIT student. As Saitsa encourages volunteerism of all kinds, preference may be given to an individual who also demonstrates volunteer commitment to initiatives outside of Saitsa and the SAIT community.