1 club/year – $500

Summary Essay (500 words max)


As a Polytechnic, many SAIT programs are only two years in length, which results in high turnover in club membership and club executives, thus making succession planning critical for the future success of a club. Many passionate and enthusiastic students start new clubs or put their energy into improving existing ones, this award is designed to recognize those trailblazers and reward their efforts.

Application Criteria

This award is only available to Saitsa-registered clubs who are newly formed in the current academic year or an existing clubs who began the academic year with an account balance of no more than $200 and fewer than 50 members in the previous academic year on Switchboard. A Club Executive must be the applicant and is required to describe the club’s successes of the year and how their efforts have resulted in an increase in membership and/or financial security. Clubs are encouraged to submit any succession planning documents or processes they have prepared to ensure the future success and continuity of their club.

Selection Criteria

The Saitsa Clubs Coordinator is to be provided all application by the Chair of the Awards Selection Committee (ASC) and is to narrow down the top three to five applicants based on the criteria of the award. The final selection of one recipient is to be completed by the ASC. The ASC is to consider the club’s growth in both areas of membership and finance. Preference may be given to existing clubs who have demonstrated significant growth, and to those who have submitted succession plans.