1 club/year – $250

Summary Essay (500 words max)


Student clubs on campus continue to grow and flourish, since 2010 the number of Saitsa clubs has tripled to over 100 clubs! With so many opportunities to enhance their student experience via extracurricular activities, and over 100 clubs to choose from, clubs work hard to recruit members and promote their activities. This award is designed to encourage friendly competition between clubs and to celebrate the club’s outreach, promotion and marketing efforts.

Application Criteria

This award is only available to Saitsa-registered clubs. Clubs that demonstrate innovation or creativity in their outreach and engagement initiatives are eligible for this award. Outreach and engagement initiatives include, but are not limited to: posters, displays/booths, social media, Switchboard, ‘swag’ and events. A submission of photos/screenshots/attachments is required, ‘before and after’ examples can also be included to demonstrate increased efforts within the club.

Selection Criteria

The Saitsa Clubs Coordinator is to be provided all applications by the Chair of the Awards Selection Committee (ASC) and is to narrow down the top three to five applicants based on the criteria for the award. The final selection of a recipient is to be completed by the ASC. The ASC is to consider the impact increased marketing efforts have had on the clubs’ membership, fundraising and/or engagement with the student body or SAIT community.