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12 Recipients/Year

Summary Essay (250 words max)


Since 2001 SAITSA has been awarding SAITSA members who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to SAITSA’s mission to foster a community where students are inspired to learn, lead and be exceptional.  Previously known as the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, the Apex Awards celebrate the cream of the crop, and demonstrate a pinnacle of commitment to SAITSA.  Commitment comes in many shapes and sizes; from volunteers, to the Board of Directors, Weal writers, part-time staff and participants, everyone is a fundamental component of the efficient and effective functioning of SAITSA.

Application Criteria

Intended to reward anyone who demonstrates outstanding commitment to SAITSA, applicants of this award may be volunteers, Weal contributors, Directors, club members, or simply fans of SAITSA.  Applicants are encouraged to describe how their involvement with SAITSA has improved their overall student experience.  Applicants are encouraged to describe in detail what events, services and/or programs of SAITSA they were involved with, and an approximate number of hours committed to SAITSA-related activities.  Photos, articles, etc. can be submitted to support their application.  Reference to specific SAITSA staff members as a character reference is encouraged.

Selection Criteria

The intent of the award is to encourage and reward active SAITSA engagement; in order for SAITSA’s events, programs and services to be successful, we need both volunteers and participants.  Ideally, recipients of this award will have demonstrated that they both volunteered and participated actively in SAITSA events, programs, services, etc.  Preference may be given to a student from a satellite campus, who despite the challenge of distance, seeks to be involved with SAITSA.  Preference may also be given to an applicant who is a trade/apprentice student, who either during their course time at SAIT or during their apprenticeship hours, demonstrated a desire to be involved with SAITSA.

Apex Award Application Form - 2019/20


  • Please note that any personal information included within this application form will not be given to sources outside the SAIT Students' Association.

    SAITSA Executives and full-time staff are not eligible for SAITSA Awards.

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