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JM Parker Award


$1,250 – 1 Recipient/Year

Essay submission (500 words max) & letter(s) of reference


Established in 2001, this award recognizes James Merv Parker’s outstanding commitment to student leadership.  For twenty-nine years, first as a Metals Instructor and later as the Assistant Director of Student Services, JM Parker was much admired by SAITSA’s student leaders.  This award serves to recognize those students who have shown great dedication to the SAIT community through student leadership.

Application Criteria

Only those who are currently a member of the SAITSA Board of Directors (BOD) are eligible to apply for the JM Parker Award.  Applicants must demonstrate how they have inspired and supported other future leaders, and how their involvement with SAITSA and the BOD helped to support this achievement.

Applicants are required to submit a minimum of one, and maximum of three, reference letters.

Selection Criteria

Preference may be given to those who have actively pursued opportunities for further engagement with the BOD and its committees, and to those who have volunteered their time to SAITSA events and programs that promote leadership, such as Elections, Leadership Exchange, etc.  The Executive Director and Manager, Governance and Advocacy will be consulted for final recipient selection.