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DC Fleming Award


$1,250 – 1 recipient/year 

Essay submission (500-word max) & letter(s) of reference 


From 1934-1968 Donald C. Fleming worked at SAIT in a variety of roles; starting at SAIT as an instructor, Fleming worked to become the head of the Electrical Department and ultimately held the position of Principal of SAIT from 1964-1968. During his time at SAIT, Fleming tirelessly advocated for SAIT students to industry and community leaders about the true value of a SAIT education; Fleming fought to ensure that a SAIT education was treated equal-to or greater-than an education from a university. Since 2001, Fleming’s significant commitment to advocating for SAIT students has been recognized by SAITSA through the presentation of this award. 

Application Criteria 

To be eligible for this award a student must be able to demonstrate significant involvement in advocacy initiatives that raised awareness around issues that affect SAIT students; advocacy initiatives may be classified as individual initiatives and/or SAITSA sponsored events. Examples of advocacy initiatives that impact students include, but are not limited to: affordable housing, rising costs of post-secondary education and financial aid, public transportation, security on campus, access to mental health services, etc. 

Applicants are required to submit a minimum of one, and maximum of three, reference letters. 

Selection Criteria 

Recipients of this award will have demonstrated concern and contribution to the advancement of student issues/concerns. Preference may be given to an applicant who has contributed volunteer hours to SAITSA’s advocacy initiatives and services such as the Student Support Centre. 

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Please note that any personal information included within this application form will not be given to sources outside the SAIT Students’ Association. SAITSA Executives and full-time staff are not eligible for SAITSA Awards.