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A keystone is considered an essential component to the optimum maintenance of a structure or system; SAITSA cannot achieve its mission without the keystone values and ideologies of: advocacy, leadership, philanthropy, and community spirit. It is through our volunteers, staff, services, programs and operations that SAITSA exemplifies these values and ideologies. The Keystone Awards are the most coveted of all SAITSA awards and honour those who have helped support SAITSA in its efforts to provide the best possible experience for all SAIT students. An individual is eligible to receive one of each Keystone Awards once every ten years, with the exception of the Marcel Carpenter Award, which can be won numerous times.

DC Fleming Award (1 recipient/year)

JM Parker Award (1 recipient/year)

Therese Murray Award (1 recipient/year)

Community Spirit
Marcel Carpenter Award (no monetary value –1 appointed recipient/year)