1 department/year – no monetary value

Nomination – Impact Statement (500 words max)


It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to support students. SAIT offers a variety of support services to ensure the success of their students and Saitsa believes in recognizing those that contribute to students’ personal and/or academic excellence. Established in 2019, this award serves to recognize a department within the SAIT community who watch over and guard the overall wellbeing of our members.

Nomination Process

SAIT supports include, but are not limited to: Lamb Learner Success Centre, International Centre, Employment & Career centre, Student Development & Counselling, Chinook Lodge, Career Exploration Centre, Study Abroad, Transfer Options, Trojans Athletics, Office of the Registrar and the Reg Erhardt Library. To nominate a support service department, the student must describe in detail how the department supported them in one or more of the following ways:

  • Providing resources or options to secure or manage finances
  • Learning Accommodations: extra time on exams, alternative exam locations, notetakers, etc.
  • Navigating barriers: personal, cultural, discrimination, etc.
  • Planning beyond SAIT: employment, career & life planning
  • Life Skills: study skills, stress management, conflict resolution, etc.
  • Study & Academic Support: study skills, textbook access, proofreading, etc.
  • Students are encouraged to include specifics about how the department’s support led to them to success or advancements in their academics or personal life.

Selection Criteria

The number of nominations a department receives may contribute to the selection of a recipient; however, those departments who have had a considerable impact on one individual will also be carefully considered. The Awards Selection Committee will select one recipient. Preference may be given to a department who has positively impacted Saitsa within the current academic year, or who has not previously won an award, or who has not won in the last two years.