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Perseverance Award


4 Recipients/Year (1 apprentice/trade, 1 satellite campus, 2 main campus)

Personal Statement (250 words max)


SAITSA appreciates that the pressures students face can sometimes be overwhelming; the pressures of school combined with personal, financial or societal issues can make graduating impossible for some. Established in 2013, this award recognizes those who, despite challenges and adversity, have persevered to succeed academically.  Recipients of this award will have demonstrated that in the face of adversity, they persevered to achieve academic success.

Application Criteria

Applicants must possess a minimum 3.0 GPA at the time of application, and provide evidence to support this claim.

Applicants for this award must demonstrate in a short personal statement how they overcame adversity to achieve academic success.

Adversity can be defined in many ways, and may have occurred during the students’ time at SAIT or prior to becoming a SAIT student. Some examples of adversity are: low-income family status, abusive situations, racism, civil war, teen-pregnancy, loss of a loved one, mental health, bullying, discrimination, etc.

Information on any activist, community, or social group that the applicant is involved with may also be taken into consideration.

Information provided will remain confidential and will not be made public.

Selection Criteria

SAITSA applauds all students who apply to for this award, however the Awards Selection Committee is required to only select four (4) recipients. Recipients of this award will be selected based on a weighing of the applicants’ triumph over adversity and their GPA. Information on any activist, community, or social groups that the applicant is involved with may also be taken into consideration.

Perseverance Award Application Form 2019/20


  • Please note that any personal information included within this application form will not be given to sources outside the SAIT Students' Association.

    SAITSA Executives and full-time staff are not eligible for SAITSA Awards.