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International Student Award


1 recipient/year

Personal Statement (250 words max)


SAITSA strives to ensure all students, no matter where they come from, feel as though they can call SAIT their home and SAITSA their family.  Established in 2014, this award acknowledges an international student who has demonstrated a passion towards being involved in the SAITSA community, while also succeeding academically.

Application Criteria

Applicants must be an international student and have contributed a minimum of twenty (20) volunteer hours to SAITSA initiatives.

Applicants must also possess a minimum 3.0 GPA at the time of application, and provide evidence to support this claim.

Applicants must demonstrate in a short personal statement how their involvement with SAITSA has positively contributed to their overall SAIT student experience.

Selection Criteria

Recipients of this award will have demonstrated that their student experience was positively influenced by being involved with SAITSA.  While the minimum number of hours is twenty (20), preference may be given to an applicant with considerably higher number of volunteer hours who still meets the minimum GPA.

International Student Award Application Form 2019/20


  • Please note that any personal information included within this application form will not be given to sources outside the SAIT Students' Association.

    SAITSA Executives and full-time staff are not eligible for SAITSA Awards.