When to contact the VP Academic?

  • When you would like to talk confidentially about a situation 
  • When you are unsure of which policies, procedures or guidelines apply to your problem 
  • When you feel a policy, procedure or guideline has been unfairly applied to you 
  • When you don’t know who to talk to, where to turn, or what options are available 


How the VP Academic can help you?

  • Listen to your concerns and define available options 
  • Explain relevant and applicable SAIT policies and procedures 
  • Refer you to the appropriate office or decision maker for resolution 
  • Recommend changes to outdated or ineffective SAIT academic policies and procedures 


Typical Concerns Brought to the VP Academic 

  • Issues related to academic integrity 
  • Issues related to non-academic misconduct 
  • Problems with instructor/student misunderstandings 
  • Problems with rules that govern courses or course/program requirements 


The VP Academic CANNOT

  • Force a decision or overturn a decision made by others 
  • Bypass existing policies and procedures to resolve student issues 
  • Give legal advice or act as legal representation 
  • Intervene in conflicts with individuals or groups outside of SAIT