Saitsa VP Academic

Jasmin K. Bhatti

Ensuring that all students are treated with the respect and dignity, and appropriate policies are adhered to, is part of the Saitsa’s effective representation and advocacy.
If you’re facing academic misconduct or non-academic misconduct, considering a grade appeal or final grade appeal have concerns about an instructor, Saitsa is here for you.
Whether it’s an accusation of plagiarism, cheating, or eviction from university residence, your VP Academic, Jasmin K. Bhatti, can assist in guiding you through the process and ensuring you’re provided with the information you need.

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When to contact the VP Academic?
  • When you would like to talk confidentially about a situation 
  • When you are unsure of which policies, procedures or guidelines apply to your problem 
  • When you feel a policy, procedure or guideline has been unfairly applied to you 
  • When you don’t know who to talk to, where to turn, or what options are available 
How the VP Academic can help you?
  • Listen to your concerns and define available options 
  • Explain relevant and applicable SAIT policies and procedures 
  • Refer you to the appropriate office or decision-maker for resolution 
  • Recommend changes to outdated or ineffective SAIT academic policies and procedures 
Typical Concerns Brought to the VP Academic:
  • Issues related to academic integrity 
  • Issues related to non-academic misconduct 
  • Problems with instructor/student misunderstandings 
  • Problems with rules that govern courses or course/program requirements 
The VP Academic cannot:
  • Force a decision or overturn a decision made by others 
  • Bypass existing policies and procedures to resolve student issues 
  • Give legal advice or act as legal representation 
  • Intervene in conflicts with individuals or groups outside of SAIT