While no two students’ experience is the same, certain issues impact significant segments of the SAIT student demographic. To understand what these issues are and what SAIT students want us to do about them, Saitsa collects data and input from students to form positions and propose change.

How do we collect the ‘student voice’?

  • Annually and during each election Saitsa conducts surveys that collect information on a variety of topics related to the student experience.
  • The Executive Council conduct regular classroom talks to collect opinions and input
  • Students are welcome to email their Executive Council at any time to provide input or inquire about an issue they’re having

What we do with the ‘student voice’?

  • We analyze the data to see if there’s trends or new issues that need to be addressed.
  • The data is incorporated into our asks and positions; occasionally quotes may be used to demonstrate a specific need or issue.
  • Confidentiality is key – Saitsa respects student’s right to privacy and does not associate certain quotes or information with specific students.
Submit your comments/concerns to us:

What's Bugging You?

  • If you prefer, leave anonymous.

Student Loan Interest

Student loans are an issue that the majority of Canadian students face – and much work is being done to help alleviate the burden! Whether it’s past efforts at CASA to increase the grace period length, or our allies at BCFS’s Knock Out the Interest Campaign, the fight to keep education affordable goes on.

UPass Advocacy

The UPass is a program which all Saitsa* members use and enjoy. The program is good- but it could be better. Whether it’s standardized opt-out conditions for low-income students, opt-IN options for our members out on practicum, or just bringing the sticker-system into the 21stcentury, there’s a variety of feedback we receive with regard to the UPass. To make sure that your voice is heard by Calgary Transit, the VPX and our allies at the Calgary Student Alliance are setting up a semi-annual consultation system where all student associations may be heard.

Close the Gaps!

There are many different issues facing students this year – some originating from, and others exacerbated by, the CoViD-19 pandemic. Our allies at CASA are hoping to help Close the Gaps between Canadian students and Canada’s future. Whether it’s mental health, accessible education for international students, or creating more job opportunities – it’s important to let your voice be heard.

Trades Students

As one of Canada’s largest student associations who have trades students as members, it’s vital that we use the voice we’ve been given to advocate for asks which will directly help them. To that end, this year’s CASA Advocacy Document has a major trades ask: to extend the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant to first year apprentices. Tools are expensive – but education doesn’t need to be.

Academic Council

In 2020/2021, as the Vice Chair of Academic Council, our Vice President, Academic recruited the 9 additional students-at-large who have voting rights on Academic Council. Because of this, when it came to voting for which committees we wanted to see be given the resources that Academic Council can provide, the student body group of the Council was able to vote in four working subcommittees to focus on current student concerns: Post-Secondary Education Affordability, Standards of Online Delivery, Student Impacts of Learning Modality, and Academic Integrity Standards.