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SAITSA is devoted to providing status updates to many ongoing initiatives such as the new student building, transportation, health and dental plan and more! Not only do we want every student to know what we’re advocating for, we also want to facilitate meaningful conversations amongst our students to ensure we receive your comments or questions. Remember, we all have different opinions – please respect others! Check below for our latest advocacy efforts. 


According to a recent SAIT survey, 90% of SAIT students are concerned about textbook costs.  This fall SAITSA is launching a #TextbookBroke campaign to spread awareness and educate students and faculty about open educational resources (OERs) as an alternative. This campaign will start on September 10, 2018 and go until November 14, 2018.

SAITSA recognizes that one current issue for students is textbook costs, especially textbooks that are required for classes. Year after year, students are spending thousands of dollars on their textbooks, or they don’t buy textbooks at all because of the cost. One alternative to traditional textbooks are OERs, these materials are available with an open license at a significantly reduced price or no cost at all. To raise more OER awareness and promote their use in SAIT classes, students will be encouraged to visit the booth in the Stan Grad atrium on September 10-14, 2018 and write on a chalkboard about how much their textbook costs while attaching the hashtag #TextbookBroke and/or #TextbookBrokeSAITSA on social media.

SAIT’s journey has just begun within the OER movement. SAIT acknowledges the student need to reduce textbook costs and has introduced one of the first institutional OER policies in Canada.  SAIT instructors are using OERs in courses such as mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics, business, communications, and information systems; however, there is still a need to get more faculty involved and increase student awareness.  The #TextbookBroke campaign will help administrators, faculty, and students understand the value of OER in the classroom.

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