Saitsa is devoted to providing status updates to many ongoing initiatives such as the new student building, transportation, health and dental plan and more! Not only do we want every student to know what we’re advocating for, we also want to facilitate meaningful conversations amongst our students to ensure we receive your comments or questions. Remember, we all have different opinions – please respect others! Check below for our latest advocacy efforts. 


Cannabis on campus, mandatory Upass fees and the Alberta budget – what’s your opinion?

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On October 24th, 2019 the Government of Alberta presented their inaugural budget. Under the new provincial budget, post-secondary students will face several changes that will affect the affordability of post-secondary education. Learn more about how this may affect you in the Saitsa VP External, Garrett Koehler’s, response below.

We’ve heard you, students! Thanks to all who have shared their opinions at our “Happy or Not” terminals across campus – we truly value your feedback! We’re working to make changes on campus based on your thoughts on the questions we asked. Take a look below at the results from our “Happy or Not” terminal questions.