Your VP Academic Jasmin K. Bhatti is your go-to gal for dealing with academic concerns – think of her as your academic advocate (a.k.a. sidekick)!

She’s knowledgeable and understanding of concerns of all kinds: academic misconduct, academic probation, accommodations, attendance, course deficiencies, formal grade appeals, informal grade appeals, and instructor and classmate concerns.

Whatever you’re dealing with in the classroom setting, Jasmin can help you by:

  • Actively listening to your academic concerns and offering general guidance/specific solutions as well as tips.
  • Clarifying and/or explaining applicable and relevant SAIT academic policies and procedures.
  • Communicating with SAIT about irrelevant and/or out of date academic policies and procedures.
  • Finding the appropriate internal SAIT contact to support your needs. 

Download a copy of the Academic Guide.