Welcome back to campus, students! You may have set some personal “New Year’s Resolutions”, but have you also set some goals for your studies? Below we have some academic goals to aim for this semester.


Be present in your classes

For starters, make an effort to attend all your classes (after all, you paid for them)! It’s equally important to make sure that you show up ready to get the most out of the lecture. Come prepared to learn by taking notes and paying attention. Try to eliminate distractions during class – if you’re tempted to browse the web on your laptop, try taking a notebook instead.


Stay on top of your readings

This semester, do all of your readings, even the ones that are not mandatory. Stay on top of your readings by doing them the day they are assigned, rather than leaving them all to right before an exam. Regularly doing your readings will help your retention of the topics, and will make sure you show up to the next class prepared. Ask your instructor if they are available in audiobook format!


Utilize office hours

Your instructors are there to help you! If you’re not understanding a concept, make sure you take advantage of your instructor’s office hours, or ask them for help as needed. Even if you feel confident about a topic, it doesn’t hurt to go over it again with your instructor.


Organize your deadlines

Take some time to input all of your deadlines and exams for each class into your calendar. Seeing your timelines visually may help you organize your time better, and anticipate what projects you can be working ahead on when you have a less busy week. Aim to finish a project 1-2 days before the deadline to allow for any last-minute problems or edits. Working ahead will reduce a lot of last-minute stress for you, and allow you more time to edit your projects before a deadline.


Switch up study spots

Start the semester off by trying out new study spaces. Figure out where you feel most productive – whether that be in a busy coffee shop, or a quiet desk. Trying out a few different spaces now will help you figure out what environment you do your best work in, before the stressful time of midterms and finals!


We wish you the best of luck this semester! Don’t be afraid to utilize your instructor’s help, enrol in peer tutoring, and take advantage of the academic services on campus.