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About Us


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A community where students are inspired to learn, lead, and be exceptional.



SAITSA improves the student experience at every opportunity.


SAITSA is the official voice for students attending SAIT. We represent student interests at the college level, and at all levels of government. We also operate a variety of businesses designed with students in mind, and provide a wide range of services and programming designed to meet their unique needs.


So what makes us so unique? Here are a few basics about who we are and what we do for you………

SAIT Students’ Association is a not-for-profit. Becoming a student at SAIT Polytechnic automatically makes you a member of the students’ association. The only reason we exist is to provide services for students – and that means you! We’ve been representing SAIT Polytechnic students since 1922! Check out our history on the  SAITSA WIKI

SAITSA and SAIT are completely separate organizations. Although a portion of our funding comes from student fees collected by SAIT, and we work closely with them, we are independent. This means we are able to represent your interests on a local, regional and national level and with SAIT Administration.

SAITSA is a democratically run organization. Every year a team of student councilors from each program and 4 Student Executives are elected by the student body to represent you and to oversee the students’ association’s activities and operations. Find out more information and contact your student representatives here.

SAITSA is student owned, operated and self-sustaining. All of the revenue brought in by SAITSA gets divided up between different departments of the organization to make sure we can provide students with a wide variety of services.

SAITSA runs concerts, food outlets, and a used bookstore to fund student activities and services. These include…..

  • Opportunities: on-campus jobs & volunteering
  • Over 40 Student Clubs
  • A Resource Centre
  • Microwaves across campus
  • Lobbying for student issues (E.g. Making sure your tuition doesn’t go up.)
  • Academic representation
  • Student Publications; The Weal, Student Handbook & Yearbook
  • Free student events, contests & giveaways

SAITSA offers student health & dental benefits (SAITSA Cares). If you already have health and dental coverage, you can opt out of this program. For information on how to do this click here.

SAITSA does NOT make a profit. Any surplus revenue gets re-invested into student activities and services.

SAITSA operates:

  • Gateway Restaurant & Bar
  • Odyssey Coffeehouse
  • Station Market
  • Station Express
  • SAITSA Lockers
  • SAITSA Catering

Any money spent in these outlets goes directly towards student activities and services.

Read more: SAITSA Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018



SAITSA does NOT operate:

  • On-campus parking
  • UPass
  • Chartwells Services (Tim Horton’s, Denny’s, Subway etc.)
  • SAIT Bookstore

Any money spent in these outlets goes to SAIT Polytechnic or the respective companies involved.



SAITSA is here for YOU.  Whether it’s help with an academic issue, an on-campus job, fun events, or a place to grab a bite to eat, we are here for you.