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IMPORTANT: March 2023 Opt-Out and Add Family forms are open to March intake students.

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The Saitsa Health and Dental plan, administered through the Campus Trust, provides access to thousands of dollars in coverage for prescription medication, dental treatments, paramedical services and multiple other benefits at a premium 5 times cheaper than traditional coverage plans.

The following SAIT students are eligible for the health and dental plan:
  • International Students: All international students
  • Domestic Students: Full-time (9+ credits) in an eligible program at SAIT

If you have existing health and/or dental coverage, you may request to opt out or coordinate your benefits to receive up to 100% reimbursement for eligible expenses incurred.


Fees & Coverage Periods

Fall $131

1-Semester Coverage
Sep. 1 2022 – Dec. 31 2022





Winter $131

1-Semester Coverage
Jan. 1 2023 – Apr. 30 2023

Fall/Winter $262

1-Year Coverage
Sep. 1 2022 – Aug. 31 2023
$63.50 per semester
$67.50 per semester

Winter/Spring $262

1-Year Coverage
Jan. 1 2023 – Dec. 31 2023


$63.50 per semester


$67.50 per semester

How-to Videos

Account Registration

Visit and register to view your current coverage information and access your benefits cards.

The portal also provides access to claims submissions, travel card info, direct deposit and more!

Opting Out

Students at SAIT that have comparable coverage to Saitsa’s health and dental plan have the option of opting out.

You do not need to register to file for an opt-out.

*Please see below for Opt Out deadlines

Adding Family Members

SAIT students may add their family members to their health and/or dental plans.

*Please see below for Add Family deadlines and definitions

Submit Claim

Students who paid out-of-pocket for eligible expenses may submit a claim for reimbursement!

*All Claims must be submitted within 6 months of date of service


Opt Out & Add-Family Deadlines

Term Start

Deadline Period

July 2022

July 1 – July 22

September 2022

Sept. 1 – Sept. 16

October 2022

Oct. 1 – Oct. 21

January 2023

Jan. 1 – Jan. 20

February 2023

Feb. 1 – Feb. 17

March 2023

March 1 – March 17

April 2023

April 1 – April 21

May 2023

May 1 – May 19

*Submitting an add family or opt out application before or after your deadline period will be declined

Add-Family Fees & Coverage Periods

Fall/Winter Semester

September 1 2022 – August 31 2022



+1 Family Member To Health Plan

Fall: $100

Winter: $100

+1 Family Member To Dental Plan

Fall: $112.50

Winter: $112.50

+2 Family Members to Health Plan

Fall: $137.50

Winter: $137.50

+2 Family Members to Dental Plan

Fall: $162.50

Winter: $162.50

Winter/Spring 2023

January 1 2023 – December 31 2023



+1 Family Member To Health Plan

Winter: $100

Spring: $100

+1 Family Member To Dental Plan

Winter: $112.50

Spring: $112.50

+2 Family Members to Health Plan

Winter: $137.50

Spring: $137.50

+2 Family Members to Dental Plan

Winter: $162.50

Spring: $162.50

Wellness Services and Resources*

Free Counselling at SAIT


SAIT Student Development and Counselling is currently operating in-person and virtually.

Call the SAIT Counselling office at 403.284.7023 to book an appointment.

SAIT Counselling Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:15 pm

Headversity Resilience Training App

Download iOS

Download Android

Access Code: S3A6T9

Headversity is a SAIT mental wellness app providing users with content and resources to better

understand mental health and develop skills necessary to overcome adversities and challenges.

For more information click here.

*These services/resources are provided by SAIT not Saitsa, any inquiries should be directed towards SAIT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I know if I have paid the Health and Dental fees?

Saitsa Health and Dental charges are not included within your tuition costs, they appear as separate line items.

SAIT students can check their online student account statement and locate the following line items to see if they have been charged: 

“Student Health Plan Fee” 

“Student Dental Plan Fee”


*Please ensure you are checking the correct term for the fees. 

How do I pay the Health and Dental fees?

Students can pay their health and dental fees the same way they pay their tuition.

SAIT accepts payments in one of the five online methods: 

1. Pre-authorized debit (PADs) 

2. Credit Card 

3. Online banking through your financial institution 

4. PayMyTuition (for international students to pay in your home currency) 

5. CIBC International Student Pay 

*Note: A 2.5% service fee will be charged on all credit card payments and a 1.5% service fee will be added to all Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit transaction. These service fees are non-refundable. 

How do I get my Benefits Cards?

You must first register on prior to receiving your virtual benefits cards.

After you have registered you may follow the below steps: 

1. Select “Benefit Card Info” on the left-hand side of the home webpage 

2. Choose to either view your Pharmacy Card or your Dental Card 

3. Take a screenshot or print your cards 

By presenting your Benefit Card, you can fill prescriptions at any pharmacy and access your dental benefits at your dental office. 

Do I need to opt out every year?

SAIT students are required to submit an opt out form every year they are returning as an eligible full-time student.

Please be advised that SAIT students are only allowed to opt-out of their benefits plan during the deadline period of their intake month or their benefits renewal month for returning students. It’s worth noting that if this deadline is missed, students must wait a full year before they are eligible to opt-out again. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider whether or not to opt-out during the designated month to avoid missing this opportunity for the entire academic year

What if I want to opt back in?

SAIT students can only opt back in to the plan if the coverage they used to opt out terminates or changes within 30 days of receiving an approved opt-out email. After 30 days of receiving an approved opt-out, students are no longer eligible to opt back in for one year. 

Confirmation of loss of coverage is required on re-application for coverage. Please email proof of loss of coverage to or drop in to visit the SAITSA Resource Centre office located MC107 of Stan Grad building. 

What does Family Add-on +1 and 2+ mean?

Family Add-on +1:

Can add 1 spouse or partner, or 1 child under 21 

Family Add-on 2+

Can add 1 spouse or partner and/or 1 or more children under 21 

Why is the Saitsa Health and Dental Plan mandatory?

The health & dental plan are mandatory because the cost would be too great and the benefit too little. In an opt-out package, insurers are able to spread out the potential risk (i.e. the likelihood that they would have to pay the claim) amongst a large group of people, driving down the cost for everyone. 

How am I charged for the plan?

SAIT students are automatically assessed the Health and Dental fees when they are enrolled in an eligible program and have 9 or more credits for the term. Students can be assessed the fees anytime within the Add/Drop deadline period.

Alternatively, if a SAIT student drops below 9 credits, the Health and Dental fees will be removed from your student account and your coverage terminated immediately. 

What if my provider is not set up to submit my claim directly?

You must pay up-front and then submit the claim for reimbursement. Claims can be submitted here. Alternatively, you can submit a claim via email, fax, or mail by printing a claim form (found in the Download Centre on and attaching your receipts. 

*Please note: Doctor referrals are required for some expenses, and must be submitted with your claim. 

How do I know if the drug I have been prescribed is covered under the plan?
How do I receive my 90-Day Travel Card?

Students can access their virtual travel card by following the below steps: 

  1. Visit 
  2. Choosing SAIT Students’ Association as your school. 
  3. Once on the home page, select “Download Centre” found on the left-hand navigation pane. 
  4. Select “Travel Card” from the options provided 

*Please note you must first register on prior to accessing the 90-day travel card. 

Can I only use my benefits in Calgary or Alberta?

No, the Saitsa Health and Dental Plan can be used in any province and/or territory in Canada towards eligible services and providers. 

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IMPORTANT: Please review the OPT OUT DEADLINE PERIODS before contacting the benefits coordinator. You cannot Opt Out of your Health & Dental benefits until the Opt Out period begins.

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