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Celebrating our History

Did you know, there has been student government working for you at SAIT since 1922? In 2022 Saitsa turned 100 years old, so all throughout the year we enjoyed a monumental celebration!

Beginning in January, we kicked off and rolled-out all things Saitsa throughout the decades. With fun events, giveaways, and activities throughout the year, we wrapped it all up in September 2022 with a Centennial Celebration month filled with amazing musical performances and events for students and community members.

The History of Saitsa

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If These Walls Could Talk is a SAIT produced podcast celebrating the 100th birthday of the iconic Heritage Hall building. Episode 6 of the podcast A Place and a Platform for Students: Saitsa Turns 100, discusses the history of the SAIT Students’ Association and features former Saitsa Presidents who share some notable experiences.


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