Work & Volunteer Opportunities at SAITSA

Lift tickets for cheap!

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Grab your lift tickets to the following for cheap!

Available at the SAITSA Resource Centre (MC107)

Open Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm

SAITSA Student & Instructor Awards

Each year SAITSA awards over $20,000 to SAIT students for their outstanding work and involvement in the SAIT community. We also award SAIT instructors for their hard work and dedication to students.

For more information or to apply/nominate, click on the applicable poster below.

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 Our VP Student Life – Connor Goodfellow has launched a new contest for students to participate in. Below you will find the details on how you can play!

 Contest Details:

1. There are two sets of buttons: The Operations Series & The Activity Series.

The Operations Series The Activity Series
Button Location Button Event
SAITSA Button SAITSA Main Office CRFT & KRFT Button CRFT & KRFT Nights
Locker Button The Resource Centre Open Mic Button Open Mic Nights
Beer Button The Gateway Puppy Button Wellness WednesdayDog Days
Latté Button The Odyssey Coffeehouse Study Buddy Button De-stress Fest
Hot Dog Button The Station Market Rachel Button SAITSA Clubs
Coffee Button The Station Express Brain Hurt Button Mental Wellness and Health Awareness Team
The Weal Button The Emery Weal Awareness Button Awareness Expos
Purple Couch Button Student Support Centre Money! Button Financial Literacy Events

2. Buttons are free but may only be collected at specific times or places.

3. Until April 21st SAIT Students may bring a full set of buttons to the SAITSA Resource Centre, MC107, to have their name entered into the prize draw. Participants must be SAITSA fee paying members and may not be employed by SAITSA.

4. Each student may have their name entered into the draw a maximum of two (2) times, once for each completed series.

5. Winners will be drawn on April 21st and prizes must be claimed on or before April 28th.



BOD Election Results are in!

image1SAIT students have spoken!! With a voter turnout of 7.84%, our new SAITSA BOD Members are (left to right): Cameron Hodgins, Tanya Pittis, Daniel Caine, Mitch Holt, Donny Nichols, Jess Beddow and Joshua Bettle (not pictured).

Congratulations to everyone who ran! We look forward to seeing what the future of SAITSA holds.


**Please note: Elections results are not official until approved by the SAITSA Political Committee.

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