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Meet the New 2017/2018 Executive Council!


Meet the new 2017/2018 Executive Council!!

From left to right: Alex Dimopoulos – President, Rachel Moerschfelder – VP External, Alysson Torres-Gillett – VP Academic, and Connor Goodfellow – VP Student Life.

Congratulations to all candidates involved. You all campaigned hard and fought a good race. We hope everyone will still remain involved in the SAITSA culture.

Health and Dental Plan Changes!

The changes to the plans are:

Increase to allowable vision amount to $100 from $80, written on the plan schedule of benefits as: Vision: Reimbursed at 100%. Combined maximum of $100 every 24 months for one eye exam, eye glasses or contact lenses.

Removal of referral requirement and per visit maximum on psychology services, written on the plan schedule of benefits as: Psychologist or Social Worker: The services of a psychologist or social worker are covered at 100% to an overall maximum of $300, per benefit year. (Physician’s prescription/referral not required)

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Now accepting eCards!

eCards now accepted at SAITSA owned operations!

For more information on eCards check the link:

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