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Board of Directors Election Info


What is the Board of Directors (BOD)?

The BOD is the highest governing body of the SAIT Students’ Association (SAITSA). The BOD provides strategic direction for SAITSA. There are 15 Board of Directors elected each fall semester; they work together with SAITSA staff, the Executive Council, and the Board of Governors Representative to ensure SAIT students are represented on a local, provincial and federal level.

Benefits of joining the BOD

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Meet new people
  • Improve the SAIT student experience
  • Makes you eligible to win SAITSA scholarships/awards
  • Looks great on your resume

Responsibilities of Board Members

  • Attend one regularly scheduled meetings per month
  • Sit on at least one BOD committee
  • Attend a two-day training retreat to set goals for the year and learn about SAITSA
  • Liaise with students to ensure they are represented and their voices are heard
  • The length of a BOD member’s term is 12 months (one calendar year)

Eligibility criteria for Board Members

Students who are in good academic standing and who are SAITSA fee paying members are eligible to run in SAITSA elections.

Sign me up! Steps to take to get involved:

  1. Become nominated by downloading and completing the Nomination Package (available online or in-person at V204 or MC107) and submit by the deadline.
  2. Attend the Candidates’ Meeting on the date specified in your nomination package.
  3. Campaign!
  4. Vote, and encourage your fellow SAITSA members to vote!

For more information on the SAITSA Board of Directors please contact the Governance and Advocacy Manager, Rachel Paris at [email protected]



1. Do I get paid?

Yes, Board Members are paid $30 per meeting, plus they are provided numerous professional training and development opportunities.

2. I’ve never been involved in any kind of student government before. Can I still run for the BOD?

Yes! SAITSA encourages students from all backgrounds, schools of study, and experience level to run. SAITSA ensures that elected members are provided with all necessary training to ensure they are successful in their role.

3. What if I am not elected?

There are still many ways to get involved and help students. You can sit on a SAITSA BOD committee, attend meetings as a guest, volunteer with SAITSA, and if you choose, run again in the next election.