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Vice President Student Life


2016-04-06 SAITSA Executive Portraits MM 405 (1)Connor Goodfellow

Vice President Student Life
P: 403.284.8040
F: 403.284.8037
E: [email protected]

Welcome back to school!

I’m Connor Goodfellow; once a regular schmuck like you, now I’m the regular-schmuck-VP-Student-Life of your students’ association. Never forget your roots.

Very soon you’re going to be very busy with readings, assignments, and feeling shame for watching Netflix while leaving those readings and assignments until the last minute. We’ve all been there. Because of that the beginning of your time here at SAIT is critical. This is when it’s easiest to seize the many opportunities available to you and decide how involved you want to be on your campus.

In my role as VP Student Life I’m responsible for providing you with these opportunities and nothing pleases me more than seeing you achieve academic and extra-curricular success. I started my own involvement on campus through SAITSA’s Board of Directors and it’s a great way to ensure that you’re at the centre of student life. In September SAITSA elects 15 student officials to act as the voice of the student body. Keep an eye out for our elections promotions in the coming weeks.

Another great way to get involved is through campus clubs. Whatever your hobby, from cooking to obscure cultural phenomena, there’s a club just waiting to be started. Connect with other students and explore your own interests by dropping in at the SAITSA Resource Centre, MC107 in the Stan Grad building, and talking to our clubs coordinator. This is also the place to go if you’re looking to volunteer your time. Just ask the lovely ladies there about what’s currently available.

As you get busier during the year make sure that you stay updated with what’s happening on campus. Pick up the weekly student newspaper The Weal at its many locations around campus and download the SAITSA app to access the campus wall, an open forum for all SAIT students. The app will also give you access to campus alerts, second-hand book sales, and ride sharing. While you’re at it, follow SAITSA on Facebook and Twitter or swing by SAITSA.com to receive updates on upcoming events.

Please drop by my office in the Campus Centre, V204G, or send me an e-mail to start a conversation. I want to make your time here as fun and successful as possible, and I love to hear feedback on where improvements can be made. Stay in touch and have a fantastic year.