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Vice President Student Life


Connor Goodfellow

O shiz waddup! 

Here come dat boi. And guess what? Dat boi is you. You’re coming back to school, and you’re probably worried that there’s nothing to do around here. Think again, foo. SAITSA is your students’ association, and first and foremost we’re here to make sure the good times keep rollin’ even when school is punching you in your brain’s face. If you’re a SAIT student reading this, then you’ve most likely already paid your SAITSA membership fee via your tuition. You’re in!

I’m your 2017-18 Vice President Student Life continuing in the role from last year, and I’m a recent architectural technologies graduate. My job as VP Student Life is to ensure that SAITSA is enhancing student life to the fullest whether that’s supporting students’ mental health and wellness, or providing fun experiences for your time here in college. What that looks like for me is overseeing and providing direction on the things that our events and student experience departments do, or starting brand new initiatives. As a member of the Executive Council (EC), I am also an integral part of our organizational structure making decisions on items brought to the EC, overseeing the executive director and all of the staff, and functioning as a long-standing member of our student Board of Directors.

Throughout the year I would love to hear great ideas and feedback from students-at-large. If you have feedback on one of our events or services, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at my e-mail, or office phone number. I also encourage all students to get as involved as possible on campus. Clubs, the Board of Directors, and even just participating in campus events are great ways to invest yourself in your schooling and open up new doors of opportunity. To keep up with everything that SAITSA is doing for you all year long download the SAITSA app, pick up the weekly student newspaper The Weal, and check out our website at SAITSA.com. To keep up with me personally you can follow me on Twitter @badphoneguy, or swing by my office in the Campus Centre, room V204G, if you’d like to chat.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Vice President Student Life
P: 403.284.8040

E: [email protected]