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Vice President External


2016-04-06 SAITSA Executive Portraits MM 353 (1)Mikayla Schaffer

SAITSA VP External
P: 403.284.8039
F: 403.284.8037
E: [email protected]

Hello! Welcome, and in the case of returning students welcome back! I know you’re probably excited to read all about the many amazing services that SAITSA has to offer and take advantage of the coupons in the back of this book. But, before you flip to them I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to SAIT, whether you’re a returning student or new student. I also wanted to introduce myself. My name is Mikayla Schaffer and I am the VP External for SAITSA. What that means is it’s my job to advocate to the government on your behalf. The issues students face shape the direction I advocate in. I want to ensure I am accurately representing the voice of the students. So please, if you have concerns feel free to come talk to me. If you see me around, just want to say hello please come over and talk to me, or visit me in my office V204E. I want to hear what you have to say and I want to be there for you in any way I can. Another way to ensure your voice is heard is by joining the External Advocacy committee, we discuss advocacy priorities for the year and issues affecting students—it’s a wonderful way to ensure your voice is heard. I wish you a wonderful year and look forward to speaking with you around the school.