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Vice President Academic


2016-04-06 SAITSA Executive Portraits MM 286 (1)

Alex Dimopoulos

SAITSA VP Academic
P: 403.284.8038
F: 403.284.8037
E: [email protected]

SAITSA’s Mission is to build a community where students are inspired to learn, lead and be exceptional. What does it mean to be exceptional? Does it mean you go above and beyond? Does it mean new ideas and innovation? Or is it something that is seeded in each and every one of us? As VP Academic I will be serving you for the 2016/2017 school year and helping you reach your full potential and be exceptional.

The office of the vice president academic is a busy one. I am responsible for all areas related to the scholarly experience at SAIT. As VP Academic I can help you by:

  • Listening to your concerns and define available options
  • Explain relevant and applicable SAIT policies and procedures
  • Refer you to the appropriate office or delegate for resolution
  • Recommend changes to outdated or ineffective SAIT academic policies and procedures

SAIT is in a time of greatness with its upcoming 100th birthday, and I feel we should be proud of our institution. We are going to be students for the centennial and none of us want to fail. From apprentice students who are here for 2 months to degree student who are here for 4 years, we all have a part in being graduates from SAIT. We have a diverse campus with many unique concerns. SAITSA’s vision is to improve student experience at every turn. You can contact your VP Academic for the following:

  • When you would like to talk confidentially about a situation
  • When you are unsure of which policies, procedures or guidelines apply to your problem
  • When you feel a policy, procedure or guideline has been unfairly applied to you
  • When you do not know who to talk to, where to turn, or what options are available

Enough about my job description and a little about myself. I am 25 years old and have lots of life experience. I graduated from the Red Seal Journeyman Cooking Program in 2012 and worked in many establishments. I also worked up north for a bit in the camps and that helped fund my vision to further my education in business. I graduated from the Business Administration Diploma majoring in Supply Chain in the spring 2016. I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Business administration program but have put that on hold for a year to serve you as VP Academic. As you can see I have a lot of experience in a range of programs offered at SAIT I am not done yet.

This leads me back to what it means to be exceptional. To be exceptional you have to go above and beyond, think of new and exciting ideas and have the confidence to identify it in yourself. The truly exceptional do all of these things but still try to learn something new every day. Those who stop learning become old, those who never stop learning are always young – Henry Ford. I challenge you to think big and to not be afraid of greatness and you will never stop learning and you too can be exceptional. My name is Alex Dimopoulos and I am your VP Academic. Please call or email me any time ([email protected]) and know that my office is always open to have a conversation (V204C).