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Vice President Academic


Alysson Torres-Gillett

The voice advocating for the academic interests of over 15,000 SAIT students is your Vice-President Academic, Alysson Torres-Gillett.  Alysson is a graduate from the school of ICT and a current student in the School of Business. While pursuing her diploma in New Media Production and Design, Alysson sat on the Board of Directors for two consecutive years. After earning her diploma in 2016 Alysson returned to SAIT as a Business Student and became a member of SAIT’s Academic Council, an experience that gave a deeper understanding of SAIT’s academic world and motivated her to run as SAITSA’s Vice-President Academic.

The VP Academic focuses internally on SAIT as an institution and is responsible for all areas related to the scholarly experience at SAIT. Alysson can assist with academic and non-academic concerns on campus.

As VP Academic Alysson can help by:

  • Listening to your concerns and exploring available options
  • Explaining relevant and applicable SAIT policies and procedures
  • Referring you to the appropriate office or delegate for resolution
  • Advocating to SAIT for changes to outdated or ineffective SAIT academic policies and procedures

You should contact the VP academic if you:

  • Have an academic concern
  • Would like to talk confidentially about an academic concern
  • Have a concern or conflict with a classmate or instructor
  • Are unsure which policies, procedures or guidelines apply to your situation
  • Feel a policy, procedure or guideline has been unfairly applied to you
  • Have ideas to improve the academic experience of SAIT students

Through her years at SAIT, Alysson has learned the importance of student governance and fosters a strong commitment to strengthening your student experience. Alysson invites all students to reach out by stopping by her office in V204 or contacting her online at [email protected]

SAITSA VP Academic
P: 403.284.8038

E: [email protected]