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Alex Dimopoulos

Alex Dimopoulos is the President of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Students’ Association. He is a Bachelor of Business Administration student majoring in Supply Chain Management. Previous to starting his program, Alex has earned accreditations in cooking as a Red Seal Journeyman and a diploma in Business Administration, both from SAIT.  Alex has an extensive knowledge of the programing that SAIT has to offer. You may come to him for advice on anything to do with SAIT’s education.

Born in Edmonton and raised in Cochrane, Alberta is ingrained in the fabric of this young political figure. SAIT students have elected Alex to represent them in the community and to be their voice in government. He has been elected to take on political challenges and help improve the student experience at every turn. Alex has promised to inspire students to learn, lead, and be exceptional. Alex is a voting member of SAIT’s Board of Governors and will help move the intuition into the future with the voice of the students always in the forefront.

Alex is proud of the wonderful services that SAITSA provides to the student body. SAITSA is an organization that is owned by you, the students. They provide a wide variety of services like the campus bar, The Gateway. This is great place to have a pint with friends and enjoy a pub inspired meal. SAITSA also operates the café on campus, The Odyssey. This café is a hub for studying and relaxing with friends. They serve the best coffee on campus and provide locally inspired, sustainable food options.

If you do not have time to sit down and enjoy the services above, SAITSA also operates two convenience stores on campus, The Station Express (Stan Grad Building) and The Station Market (Senator Burns Building). These outlets are great for a quick bag of chips or a $2 hot dog. They also sell chocolate and sweets to help you get through your exam without crashing. The Health and Dental Plan and school lockers are also administered by SAITSA, please do not hesitate to ask any one of our fine employees on how to access one of these services. Along with all of the services that SAITSA provides, the Executive Council and Board of Directors serve the student body at every opportunity.

Alex has extensive experience on SAITSA’s Board of Directors, as a Director, a Vice-President and now President. The Board of Directors have advocated for a new student building on SAIT’s main campus. The Board also sets the direction and initiatives that SAITSA stands behind. Alex encourages all students to get involved with the board and have their voice heard. Alex served as SAITSA’s Vice President Academic during SAIT’s centennial year. Through his experience in governance and with the support from the student body, as their President for the 2017/18 year Alex will lead the SAIT community with the vision of thriving for another 100 years.

SAITSA President
P: 403.284.8065

E: [email protected]